Flea Bazaar Café: GHP Sneak Peek!

Flea Bazaar Cafe

Walk in to an absolutely new and delightful space this weekend. A space where you can eat, groove, drink, shop and just chat around. Re-jigging Mumbai’s every expanding restaurant scene is Flea Bazaar Café at Lower Parel.

The space opens doors to all tomorrow – April 7 at 5 pm.

Here are a few reasons why you should be there –

For the Food

Flea Bazaar cafeObviously! Flea Bazaar Café brings together some of the best of small food brands under one new roof. Walk around and you’ll see that Goila Butter Chicken, Soam, Tunday Kababi, Super Pao and The Bohri Kitchen are all there.

It’s like meeting everyone you’ve had an intense love affair with over the last couple of years, at the same party! Whom to drink or dance with? The good thing is, you can go for all!

All well and reasonably priced, the food brands make you feel like a child in Hamley’s does – I want that and that and that!

For the Bar

The central community-style bar is the piece de resistance. Large and inviting. Serves the freshest local brews and cocktails on the tap. And the Social-esque music keeps you grooving until your drink arrives. All in all, checks in bold for the vibe, wine and grapewine here!

For the Décor

Flea Bazaar CafeNot overstated to echo everything that’s Mumbai’s gourmet scene but so eclectically fitted out. Flea Bazaar Café makes you want to look around constantly just for the sake of looking around. Yes, here’s a place to leave your phone in your pocket and just take in some cool décor sights.

There’s a huge expanse of wall plants on one side. Cast iron lattice work eavesdrops over the bar. The seating is a mix of wrought iron chairs around tables for 4 and 2 and log wood high sharing tables. The simple exposed stone walls beyond the bar becomes the soothing canvas your eyes may need after taking in all these sights. String ball lights all around infuse that warm fuzzy feeling you need to bring the weekend in.

Trust you have enough details to go check Flea Bazaar Café for yourself now. Yes, even though GHP gives you enough reasons to love Goregaon, this one’s great enough to highway it out!


Address: 1st Floor, Trade View Building, Oasis City Complex, Kamla Mills, Lower Parel, Mumbai



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