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Creative Minds is a children’s activity centre based in Gokuldham, Goregaon. It focuses on nurturing creative thinking in children aged 0 – 6 years.  Along with varied programmes, Creative Minds has a special library for children.

What is Creative Minds?

Creative Minds offers a child-friendly environment and variety of fabulous activities. These spark children’s interest and increase knowledge retention. They also build skills and develop their personal style. Some of the world’s best toys and books are available for children here via subscription plans.

Creative Minds started December 2011 in Gokuldham. Focused on for toddlers and pre-schoolers, it offers fun learning-based resources to them. This being the most important time for brain development in children, the team looks to foster the development of multiple intelligences in children when they are exposed the right avenues.

Who is Creative Minds?


Dr. Priyanka Tibrewala, Founder, Creative Minds

Dr. Priyanka Tibrewala is the founder of Creative Minds children’s activity centre. She is a medical doctor by profession and started this venture because of her keen interest in early child development.

Born and brought up in southern California, Dr. Priyanka is an avid reader and carries a deep interest in Garbh Sanskar. Having worked with many children she firmly believes that all parents can have a really positive impact on their children by dedicating just 15 minutes of undivided attention every day, with engaging activities.

Why Creative Minds?

The Creative Minds strengths and uniqueness lie in the fact that it caters to holistic development in young children. The team focuses on all the different skills a child should have age-wise and accordingly suggest materials to parents.

The activities run at this children’s activity centre are driven by the same concept. ‘We continually strive to bring the best activities for children from all different parts of town here to our own Goregaon east’, Dr. Priyanka says.

Looking to future plans of expansion and diversion, Creative Minds is currently working on introducing new classes: Robotics, Pilates, Yoga, Indian Classical Music, for older kids as well as mothers. ‘We also intend to create an online portal for the library in the future. We are looking at diversifying into alternative healing therapies being provided at the centre’, informs Dr. Priyanka.


Address: RH-01 Panchsheel, Gokuldham Goregaon East, Mumbai.|
Call: 090045 51142








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