GHP 2017 Trend Alert: Makeup and Beauty

When it comes to looking good, one is almost always confused or unsatisfied. Is my foundation going to stay? Have I gone overboard in my daily makeup? Should I try contouring my face or would it make me look like a ghoul?

I’m posting this as a trend story in the GHP 2017 Trend Alert category because I used to be one such confused soul. Until I was set right by Ayesha Seth. I engaged this GHP member and a superb hair and beauty expert, who is doing great work all over country and internationally, to answer a few questions.

I know that any average woman is not always interested in glamming it up everyday but would definitely like to bring out the best in her features to simply feel good about herself. A happy feeling is a precious asset! 

Keep her tips in mind so that you know if what you’re doing with your face is the best way to look great or not.

GHP: Do you think one should and can wear makeup all the time?

AS: Makeup is no longer what it used to be in the past. There is no need to apply layers of foundation and powder to look good. Makeup should be a part of a woman’s daily grooming. Just like you wouldn’t walk out without brushing your teeth, having a simple makeup routine is very important to looking well-groomed and self-confident.

That is why I have started teaching basic makeup techniques to women who generally shower and run out the door without applying anything more than a moisturiser.

A good routine should not take up more than 10-15 minutes of your time before you head out. Wearing no makeup is as bad as wearing too much make up. Keep it simple and yes, make up looks good on everyone !

GHP: The best way to keep your face clean and healthy in this dry and smoggy weather is to…?

AS: Moisturise , moisturise, moisturise. And wear a few drops of foundation mixed with your moisturiser. Believe it or not, it helps keep away the dust and smog from your skin. I would recommend the Infallible Foundation by L’Oréal for everyday wear. It’s perfect for all skin types.

Ayesha Seth’s portfolio includes bridal, fashion shoots, ramp, beauty pageant, film and television makeup artistry.
(Bottom left image: Ayesha Seth)

GHP: What would Ayesha always keep handy to stay beautiful through the day?

AS: Keep my skin clean and matte. If  you have oily skin, I advise you to keep a compact handy in your bag. Also, a good lip balm is necessary as this weather is so drying for the skin.

GHP: An easy but super-effective beauty treatment to start right now if you’re a soon-to-be bride?

I usually ask my brides to do their beauty treatments a few weeks before their wedding date – just in case things go wrong.

I prefer natural homemade treatments to the ones they offer in salons. Applying a besan (chickpea) and haldi salve on the face and body daily before your big day is a cheaper and far more effective way to get that amazing glow on your wedding day.

GHP: International trends dictate that contouring is out this season. If so, how would you advise shaping the face to highlight its best features?

AS: I think contouring is always in. But if you don’t want a very dramatic transformation, highlight your face by using an illuminating powder on the high points of your face – cheekbones and nose, Cupid’s bow and brow bones.

GHP: Give us a great shade of lipstick to go for, as a fresh all-day option

AS: I love bright colours and am partial to the lip shade called ‘All Fired Up’ from MAC. It works beautifully in the day and an extra coat works for the night. It’s a lovely bright pinkish colour with a slightly red tone.

For those who are not confident of wearing bright lips, I would suggest a nude pink shade called ‘Meher’ from MAC again. It’s a shade that looks lovely on any skin without making it obvious that you’re wearing lipstick.

Maybelline, Nyx and Inglot are other very wearable brands that give you great options depending on your skin tone.

GHP: Any trends in eye makeup or product that you’re crushing on?

AS: I have always loved a brown liner instead of a black one. I see women only wearing black liner or kajal but I suggest using the L’Oréal brown gel liner on your lids instead. It looks soft and clean and stays in place without smudging and smearing. The Lakmé Kohl Ultimate or Lakmé Eyeconic is amazing and can be smudged.

And yes, mascara is something I absolutely don’t move out of the house without. The L’Oréal Volume Express and Maybelline Great Lash are good mascaras to buy.

So if you’re to be a bride soon or have to attend a dozen weddings this season, if you want to get your work-day look just perfect in 10 minutes flat and then know how to build on it for an evening out, keep Ayesha’s tips in mind and get in touch with her via GHP. Other than making you look your best for any occasion, she is happy to conduct workshops one-on-one as well as in groups. 


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