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Re-doing your home? Designer Sweta Shah tells us what’s trending

Looking to revamp your home or office spaces? Need new home decor ideas? Take a look at these trend alerts shared by Sweta Shah. She’s a very talented interior designer in Goregaon east. Sharing her interesting expert pointers for interior design with GHP, Sweta tells us what to keep in mind.

From kitchens and space-saving methods to colour palettes and focussed furniture pieces – this ace interior designer shares her expertise here.

When it comes to hues, urban homes are gradually moving to interior finishes that reflect a subtle hint of nature, a warm cosiness to come home to at the end of a long and tiring  day – it helps one de-stress.

Colour used effectively in interior design ideas with intelligent lighting can create just the right amount of drama one needs to liven up an otherwise dull space. Which tones and palettes will be trending this year? ‘Home decor is most often a reflection of one’s personality and that would invariably spill onto the colour palette as well with sophisticated dusky hues taking centre stage’, says Sweta.

Trending colours: Colours such as mineral grey, byzantine blue, earthy natural yellows and greens with a hint of cocoa shall be those trending in 2017, according to her.

Kitchens are no longer an unseen, dull part of the house that one shuts when guests come. The lines between living rooms and kitchens are blurring; finishes flow seamlessly into the kitchen design as well.

When it comes to new home decor ideas, what’s new to attempt at when re-thinking your kitchen floor plans? With today’s space constraints, open and bold kitchens are catching up to become the norm. One can design a counter with a pull-out dining table that can be used independently as a table for four, or to set up a buffet. Once the meals are done with, it can go right back in.

‘Dining tables are also getting replaced by breakfast bars that are integrated into the inland or service counter tops. This is great for nuclear families, giving a cosy family touch without losing out on the functional utility of a sit-down table’, shares this expert interior designer.

interior designer in Goregan east
Kitchen design by Sweta Shah

Bold colours work as a backsplash to the working counter tops, with matte veneer imitating cabinet finishes. Stainless steel kitchen appliances look industrial and cold and hence they are gradually getting camouflaged to blend with the rest of the finish. Rich hues of gold and copper are working their way into the kitchen either for the counter backsplash or intercepting cabinet shutters to add just the right hint of glamour.

Although small bathrooms are a common feature in most Indian apartments, they can be maximised through clever design.

What are Sweta’s recommendations for a bathroom space that balances needs, functionality and aesthetics? ‘Personally, I believe that your shower is your sanctuary, and I am sure most people would agree with me on this. So why must one have a plain utilitarian bathroom?’, she responds.

Sweta’s mantra is that when designing a bathroom: One must remember to use minimal design elements and focus on a single major feature to enhance the space. Placing a large full length mirror – though an old trick – never goes out of fashion. A ceiling depicting natural skylight via led lights and imagery can transform the look of a small windowless bathroom. Having inbuilt sleek vertical cabinets with frosted glass ensures a clutter-free space. How’s that for some unique interior design ideas to try out this season?

Using loose pebbles under a cantilevered under-lit counter, in combination with stone and wood on the walls, can give a nice countryside look to an otherwise cramped space.

Design faux pas to steer clear of?

Getting carried away with the latest fads is a major design faux pas, believes this interior designer from Goregan east. Designing one’s home can be a very satisfying and enriching experience. However, over-enthusiasm can result in a cluttered or messed-up space. So keep this in mind when playing around with home decor ideas.

While shopping for artefacts there may be multiple things that you feel would fit well however refrain from adding more than one focal point. Overdoing this can make the place look small and cluttered.

Effective lighting is an equally important design feature that often gets botched up. It’s either too clinical or too dull. Lighting affects the mood. Using good ambient lighting is important as an interior design idea. Hanging lights over certain focal areas can create the desired drama whereas soothing mood lighting can be just what one needs in the bedrooms.

Lastly, not everyone is a doctor. Though you may feel that putting together a space is easy, it is always important to consult a professional, especially when you are looking for a complete overhaul. A professional can guide you regarding the latest materials and lighting technologies that are available in the market.

With the constraint of space in urban homes, the more important point is that the need of the space being used should be defined well, in order to ensure  utilisation of the space to its maximum capacity.

Spaces are evolving to becoming more multi-functional. With new technology and better hardware available, there is scope to create so many space saving options. Yet it is important to achieve this with minimal effort. So, it’s a good idea to consult an expert for new and feasible home decor ideas.

‘Beds can be lifted into ceilings, walls can be designed to be movable to divide or open up a space. Coffee tables can expand when raised into dining tables. These are just some of the interesting furniture pieces that one can indulge in,’ shares Sweta.

Having an interesting furniture piece can be a great conversation-starter when it comes to home décor. However it is important to have something that although may be a focal point but blends in with the rest of the theme.

What about focussed furniture pieces? Retro furniture is a trend that’s back in a big way, believes Sweta. Not necessarily in the same old-fashioned garb but innovated to fit in with modern materials.

Whatever furniture you choose as a central piece, it must blend in at some point. There is no sense in having a solid wood carved Rajasthani door or table base in an otherwise modern-minimalist design environment, states the expert. Choose this aspect in your home decor ideas plan carefully.

While doing up a space, one must keep in mind that it should evolve with you as you grow. So leave some shelves or walls bare for memories and collections from the future!

Sweta Shah and Associates is a design firm based in Goregaon east, with an experience of 10 years in hospitality, residential and wellness space design.

 The firm is dedicated to a collaborative design process that explores the boundaries between art architecture and the environment. In the span of 10 years, the firm has evolved and has been recognised for work that is both unique and a reflective of the character and personality of the client.

Contact details: 
Sweta Shah & Associates, 
New Satguru Industries, Goregoan East. 
Email:  Mobile number: 9820146953 

All photos courtesy Sweta Shah & Associates 

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