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This week’s award-winning Indian short films  

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Special Dish

Some love stories do not need heavy literature and poetry. They can define ‘love’ in one single word. For Nandini and Shekhar, that definition was hidden in the word, ‘Good’. Watch ‘Special Dish’ to find out how simple love stories become extra-ordinary.

Director: Shivadarshan Sable

Dilli Vala Dost

A short film based on a married couple in Mumbai, who faces an uncomfortable situation. An unexpected friend from Delhi comes to their place. Film has been written and directed by Rakesh Mehta, who’s mainstream feature film Vaapsi (Punjabi) made a notable presence in Punjabi Cinema.

Director: Rakesh Mehta


Is it true that we attract whatever we strongly desire towards us? Watch this interesting romantic story of a Bengali couple to find out if Geetu will be successful in her passionate mission to fulfil the desire of her husband Amit. How will Geetu’s sudden interaction with a stranger turn out to be?

Director: Anita Sharma


Paper Boy

The City of Joy is that melting pot where dreams are served everyday freshly cooked. This is a tale of a little boy whose world revolves around the by-lanes of old Calcutta where he delivers the latest headlines and then spends the rest of his day simmering dreams at a tiny tea stall.

Director: Aniket Mitra


Girl in Red

A mystery writer struggling with writer’s block, a garbage collector who knows too much and an enigmatic ‘Girl in Red’. How do their paths cross?

Director: Saurabh Varma


A film about who we were and who we’ve become , how socialising was and where its reached ,how something as simple as laughing has taken a complicated turn.

Director: Akshay Choubey


Aapka Amitabh

A common middle-aged man, Harihar Das, is trying to prove his truth about his friendship with Amitabh Bachchan. He claims that Amitabh and he used to write letters to each other. The letters have now gone missing. The only proof to prove his claims are those old letters. Only they can create a clear-cut demarcation between the truth and the falsified statement of Harihar – according to people around him. But the letters are nowhere to be found…

Director: Pallav Goel


Chaukhat – “A Frame” – An impression of boundaries that we decide for yourselves.

We restrict ourselves in the frame boundaries to preserve the customs and traditions and we tend to see the world which is only seen in that frame. This is an attempt to show the frame built by a lady for herself.

Director: Umesh Mohan Bagade


The film is an adaptation of Anton Chekhov’s short story Chameleon. It tells a cheeky tale of injustice and corruption exposing the insincerity of public officials and selfish interests that aggravate or subdue their actions.

Director: Sumel Brar


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