GHP Weekend: Not without your pet!

The world seems to be puckering up and gearing for some coochie-coos. How about some coochie with your poochie? And any other species beyond the realm of the homo sapiens?

There are enough and more people whom I know to love animals, whether pet or not, more than human beings around them. Pet owners are often upset over the lack of public areas that welcome their pets, whom they seriously consider to be family. And what’s an outing without the real family?

Zoo Bar at Vile Parle tips its hat to any and every pet owner, welcoming the whole family package to the resto-bar.  It is pet and child friendly.

Conceptualised, founded and run by a set of friends (aren’t all the cool places?) Nishant Jitendra Joshi, Niteesh Tokle, Paarth Pandya, Tejas Desai and Akhilesh Dangat, Zoo Bar has at its helm a serious passion for animals.

It includes a pet menu catering do not just cats and dogs but even birds and rabbits. One of the partners even regaled me with a story of a patron coming in with his macaw!

So if you’re a party animal with an animal, enjoy a relaxed meal at Zoo Bar. The management, however, discourages pets after 7 pm due to the increase in music decibels and the presence of smokers, both of which disturbs the furry-feathery lot.

Towards St. Valentine’s Day, this resto-bar is hosting a curated pet event on Sunday, 12 February, 2017. It’s a paint-your-pet’s portrait event. As the invitation goes: ‘We all know that just admiring our dogs isn’t enough sometimes, so this Valentine’s day we give you a chance to make your mutt your muse. We’ll provide the art supplies to doodle your poodle and display your love.” Interesting? I think so! There will be contests, games, training, grooming, photography, refreshments – the whole hog. Pun intended.

The highest voted doggie doodle wins a special prize. If however, you don’t trust your hands at a canvas, a “pawtrait” of your pup can be rendered by an in-house artist. Awww, now that sure sounds romantic!

Brush up, brush down and get ready to take your beloved pet for a V-Day treat! Be sure to let us know how you liked it!

Doggie Doodles
Address: Zoo Bar, Liberty Lodge, 1st Floor, DJ Marg, Vile Parle west

Date and Time: Sunday, February 12, 4.30 – 7.30 pm


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