GHP Weekend: Piggin’ Out at Hokus Porkus 2

Hokus Porkus

In honour of the second edition of Hokus Porkus, GHP spoke to Rhea Mitra Dalal, one of its key organisers.
In this quick chat, we get the juice on this porky pop-up that’s on the burner this Sunday.

GHP: How did Hokus Porkus start and what’s behind that awesome name?

RMD: It started from a random idea about having a pork bazaar of some sorts, as an event for the Facebook group I run called The Porkaholics (writers note: I’m a member of this group and it is not advisable to open it when you’re working, it completely kills your productivity. And any plans you had for a healthy lunch).

I contacted Subhasree of Hungry Cat Kitchen, Gitika of Gitika’s Pakghor, and Madhumita of Insomniac Cook – three friends who’re as mad about pork as I am. We threw a few ideas around and came up with the concept of Hokus Porkus – a piggy pop-up to celebrate pork.

Hokus Porkus
Pork-wise from top left: Bacon Ice Cream, Pork Pot Pie, Choriz Pao, Smoked Pork Curry

GHP: Do you sell stalls for this?

RMD: No, as of now it’s just the four of us. We’re only one-event old; we have a great vibe and really work well together so we don’t want to add anything to the mix yet.

GHP: How was the turn-out at the last event?

RMD: We were overwhelmed by the response at the first pop-up: we had more than 200 people show up and we were sold out in just a couple of hours! We honestly didn’t expect so many people to turn up with so much enthusiasm for something as niche as pork.

We’re expecting a bigger crowd this time as word has also spread about how good the whole event was the first time around, so we’ll make sure we’re better prepared.

GHP: My last question is the most important one – What should I eat there? I got very excited when I saw Pigs in a Blanket on your amazing menu.

RMD: Oh, those are my favourite too. And among the new stuff it’s the pork toddywala (pork cooked in toddy instead of the traditional mutton, my take on the Parsi Gos No Bataervo), the Burmese mango pork, and bacon ice cream.

Event details:

Date: Sunday, January 15th.
Venue: Café Terra, Executive Enclave, Pali Naka, Bandra west.
Timings: 1.00 to 5.00 pm

Getting there

Entry is free, you just have to pay for the dishes you like.

Facebook event link:

About our GHP Weekend guest writer: Rohan Gandhy is an event manager for one of India’s leading restaurant brands. He has had “absurdly good luck” to be in a profession that pays him to watch others eat great food. In his spare time (of which his boss wishes he had less) he likes to eat, read, watch TV shows and avoid all forms of exercise — other than those that involve getting something to eat.

Rohan has many friends (which he thinks is a miracle in itself) who give him the low-down on what’s happening in the city. Managers of restaurants with all-you-can-eat buffets cringe when they see him.


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