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How often have you been told to get lost? And how often have you wished you truly could? Taking this thought seriously is Let’s Get Lost.

What is Let’s Get Lost?

Let’s Get Lost is a boutique travel brand that takes you places so you can literally lose yourself – to the wild, beyond the box and even to yourself.

It’s founded by Aparna Mohan, a Mumbai-based entrepreneur with a passion to see the world. Let’s Get Lost (LGL) has been making people lose it for about three years now. And in turn making them find themselves and much more. We all know the beautiful benefits of travel. Yet, all we need is that little nudge from a perfect platform that curates an unforgettable trip for us. Aparna, a young mother, has been doing just that. With a good dash of adventure in every journey.

Go Wild in Meghalaya with LGL

This November, LGL has a wild adventure in north east India up its travel sleeve. Go Wild in Meghalaya is slated to be a truly unique experience, getting you up close and personal with one of India’s most breath-taking regions.

“We do immense research to build the best local partnerships. For ‘Go Wild in Meghalaya’ we are proud to partner with GoNEwhere, a local specialist in north east travel”, says Aparna.


Just a glance through the itinerary makes me want to pack my bags and get lost! This is a 6-day adventure (November 21-26) in Meghalaya – the abode of clouds.

LGL and GoNEwhere have the rainforests of Cherapunjee, the azure waters of Dawki, the underbellies of Krem Mawmluh Cave and the length of Double Dekker Root Bridge in store for you. All of this with a generous dose of local sights, sounds and social mingling. We’re talking of one of India’s smallest states with a magnitude of vibrancy. You will definitely create some of the most invaluable memories on this trip.

What’s so unique about this trip?

Giving this adventure its unique local advantage is the partnership with Ajanta Hazarika of GoNEwhere, a north east India travel specialist. She is native to Assam and has travelled to the heart of remote villages in Meghalaya and Assam.

Aparna Garg, Chief Experience Officer: Let’s Get Lost

What creates another big difference is the uniqueness of LGL’s methods. Aparna’s ethos has been to offer exceptional experiences to travellers, backed by serious research and security for them. “We take security and safety of our clients very seriously, especially since most of our clientele is solo women travellers”, Aparna asserts. She creates travel plans based on intense research and reliable local partnerships. LGL also offers a comprehensive travel insurance policy cover to each traveller – something that is not offered by most other travel companies.

I’d definitely egg you on to take this adventure. Travel wayward paths and lose the notion of the conventional . In between caving, kayaking and streams, you will make special connections for life. With places, with people and with purpose. So do get lost and find more than you started out with. Connect with Aparna and team via details given below.



Email: HelloLetsGetLost@gmail.com      
FB: www.facebook.com/letsgetlostnow 
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/letsgetlost.moments/

Call: Aparna Mohan: 9930744668 / Fatema Adnan: 7303205253 / Ajanta Hazarika: 88769 05804




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