Going French!

France should be cheering up by now. Today, July 14, marks French National Day. It’s commonly called Bastille Day, with regard to the storming of the Bastille prison that, marks the beginning of the French Revolution.

We too can join the celebrations here in Goregaon east. What better way to celebrate such a significant global event than by indulging our palettes?

I did the rounds of the local restaurants that offer international cuisines, looking for French options to indulge in and feel Francophilic! From wines to main courses and desserts, here’s what your neighbourhood eateries have to offer on Bastille Day. Bon apetit, everyone!

The Olive Bistro Goregaon at Oberoi Mall has some truly special French dishes to offer. On the menu today is a succulent Chicken Blanquette with baby onions, mushroom, potato mash and glazed carrots. If your appetite allows you a little more room, try the special soufflé. It’s a heavenly apricot and Cointreau soufflé with orange candy and crème Anglaise.

Apricot & cointreau souffle at Olive Bistro

I met Chef ‘A’ at Prego in Westin Mumbai Garden City (I won’t be telling you his full name until I feature his complete interview on GHP. He’s an extremely interesting person so keep your eyes open for him on the blog!). I quizzed him for some wine options for the day. His selection is carefully paired with dishes, so one can enjoy a complete French experience at his restaurant. Check out the menu:

Prego's French wines paired with main course options

If you’re like me, working from home and daring to cook up some French delights, check out Gourmet Delight. The site is a one-stop shop for fine food ingredients that go into creating the best of global food. Raka Chakrawarti, founder of Gourmet Delight, gave me plenty of options to indulge in, à la mode France!

Here’s a list of ingredients regularly used in French cuisine and readily available on Gourmet Delight

  • Chives: Usually a garnish or stuffing, chives bring out the complexity in cheese and add a fresh flavour to any dish. Add it to your very own French omelette!
    Price: ₹35 for 40 grams
  • Pierre French Butter Cookies: From the Normandy region Pierre Biscuiterie has been making cookies since the 19th century. Their selection of natural cookies is an indulgent treat – high quality, all natural and GMO free.
    Can’t wait for tea-time, can you?!
    Price: Butter cookies with milk chocolate: ₹399
    Butter cookies with lemon and almond: ₹375
    Pure butter cookies: ₹299
    Pierre French butter cookies
  • L’Original Tartare Ail and fine herbs: This spreadable cheese with garlic and herbs is great with crackers and bread.
    Price: ₹499 for 150 grams
  • Sherry Vinegar: Sherry vinegar is made from sherry with accents of sea salt, almonds or caramel. This is used extensively in French cuisine and is the one vinegar you should always have for French cooking. Loaded with complex nutty flavours it translates into better salad dressings, and wonderful accents in your soups.
    Price: ₹485 for 375 ml.

Cheesecake Republic's Chocolate Mousse

Small is always beautiful, French or no French. Aishwarya and Shruti Jalan of Cheesecake Republic, a home-style bakery in Yashodham, make a truly delectable chocolate mousse. Priced at ₹100 per glass, Cheesecake Republic will readily deliver for a minimum order of 16 portions. Dig into a few shot glasses of this mousse and find your perfect end to July 14!


Cheesecake Republic: B/14, Shruti Apartment, near Yashodham High School and Dindoshi Bus Depot.
Call: 9820401012 / 9820302204 

Prego: Westin Mumbai Garden City
Call: 022 67361064

Olive Bistro: Oberoi Mall, Film City Road
Call: 022 33951626

Gourmet Delight: www.gourmetdelight.in

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