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Oct 14 – Saturday

Diwali Dhamaka: 5 Day Lightning Camp

events in goregaonDates: Oct 14 -18
Timings:- 11.30 am – 1.30 pm
Venue:  Creative Minds Activity Centre, Goregaon E

Age:- 3.5-6.5 yrs
For More Info Call or Whatsapp Creative Minds -9004551142
Email: creativemindsactivitycentre@gmail.com

October 15 – Sunday

Spill 3.0, Music and Poetry

Timing: 6 – 9 PM
Venue: The House, Verosva

events in goregaonWelcome to Spill Poetry!
We’re back with our Music and Poetry event and would love for you to be there! An evening of inspiration, experience is planned.

Registration link for performers-

Please note that there are 35 slots up for grabs. Out of these, 27 will be online registration and based on a first come first served basis, the remaining 8 will be on the spot also on a first come first served basis.

Warli Painting Workshop

Timing: 1 – 2 PM
Venue: CLAP, Malad
Charges: ₹100

Make this Diwali happening with your kids learning the traditional art of Warli painting at CLAP.

Workshop to be conducted by Hiral Desai

Contacts +91 22 65876777 / 022-28882503
WhatsApp: +91 9892437976

Talking Myths: Good Wives, Virgins & Other Women in Mythology

Timing: 7 – 8.30 PM
Venue: Studio Tamasha, Andheri
TIckets: ₹100

Again! Because of overwhelming demand!

Draupadi, Ahalya, Kunti, Tara, Sita – who were these women? What were their roles and how are they relevant to us today. A look at some well-known and some hidden figures from the epics, puranas and other forms of traditional literature that explore the significance of women in societies past and present.

The #TalkingMyths Project is an initiative by three professionals, Dr Vidya Kamat, Arundhuti Dasgupta and Utkarsh Patel who bring their experiences from diverse professional backgrounds to a common, abiding passion for the stories, philosophies, cultural motifs that underlie our ancient world.

Wizard From Far West

Timing: 4.30 – 6 pm
Venue: Cat Café Studio

Spend some good family time with your kids this  Sunday the 15th.

Watch this play about a 9 year old kid who hates being mollycoddled by his mother. Through his evening in the streets, he experiences events which make him realize the importance of family, values and the virtues in life. Every time he gets into trouble he is rescued by Mandrake, the Magician, the comic strip character published by King Features Syndicate. The events are decorated with real life magic on stage performed by an adept magician playing Mandrake.

MeetSpeak: Engineer The Sambar! – 2

Timing: 1.30 – 4.30 pm
Venue: IIT Bombay, Powai
Charges: ₹100 

#MeetSpeak is a peer-feedback event where writers can share their works-in-progress with each other and exchange constructive feedback and have conversations about writing.

REGISTER: http://bit.ly/2wtw3OD

If you’re stuck on what to write, here’s our optional #PushToWrite: Isaac Asimov’s short story ‘The Fun They Had’ talks about a world where children get individual instruction via computers and wonder about a time when people would laugh and learn together. While schools teach us maths and reading, it’s the college life that brings other lessons outside the classroom as well. Campuses are communities. They are also entire subcultures. Hark back to your teenage years. The conversations that shaped you, the peer groups that defined you, the addas that housed your dreams. And turn these into a piece of writing!

This is not a performance showcase or a networking event. Please not that this is open to writers willing to share their writing ONLY; no passive observers. All attendees need to bring at least one original piece of writing which is not business, commercial, technical or anything they get paid to write.

English Medium

Timing: 7.30 – 9 pm
Venue: Harkat Studios, Versova
Tickets: ₹413

But the school authorities at Ultra Modern School are strict and structured, taking pride in being the only English medium school in the small town of Haldwani.

How will two misfits with a vernacular background find their voices in a hyper competitive, ruthless classroom obsessed with ‘sounding English’?

Can the politics of language make a compelling comedy? Can the inherent germ of imagination break through the linguistic hierarchy?

Can a revolution in storytelling begin at a school bench? The two act, 90-minute performance of English Medium attempts to ask these questions while trying to tickle your funny bone.

The play originally premiered at the NCPA Summer Fiesta 2014 and Harkat Studios is glad to bring it back on the floor!

Directed by: Trimala Adhikari
Written: Satchit Puranik
Performed: Priyanka Charan, Arpit Singh, Sonali Bharadwaj, Veena Nair, Hayder Ali.

COMMEAT’s Mughal Dastarkhwan with Altamash

Timing: 12.30 – 3.30 pm
Venue: Malad West
Charges: ₹1250

Mughlai Cuisine comes from the kitchens of the ancient Indian aristocracy or the Moghul Emperors. This cuisine is dominated in the northern part of India and has strong influences of Muslim Cooking. It is famous for the exotic use of spices, dried fruit and nuts. Mughlai Dishes and have a distinct aroma and taste of ground and whole spices.

Join us for this lavish spread at a nominal cost of Rs.1250 prepared by  Home Culinaire, Altamash Aslam/ TheGourmetWanderer.

Book your seats here http://commeat.com/events/detail/35.

DIY Diwali Workshop Festival

Venue: Goregaon E
Charges: ₹1,399

Paint diyas, make a reusable rangoli and traditional Diwali lanterns in this hands-on DIY Diwali Decorations Workshop.

Registrations: http://bit.ly/Diwali-Decorations-Workshop


A one-on-one Diya Painting Workshop where you can paint 3 types of diyas with the guidance of an experienced artist. This Diwali special is available for a limited time.

Registrations: http://bit.ly/diya-painting-mumbai


Shibori Workshop – With Iteeha

Timing: 11 am – 3 pm
Venue: Makers Asylum, Andheri E
Charges: ₹2300

Tie-dye is a modern term for a set of ancient resist-dyeing techniques, and for the products of these processes. The process of tie-dye typically consists of folding, twisting, pleating, knotting, stitching tying or crumpling fabric or a garment and binding with string or rubber bands, followed by application of dyes. The manipulations of the fabric prior to application of dye are called resists, as they partially or completely prevent the applied dye from coloring the fabric.

Shibori (Japanese name or Tie and Dye) is part of the larger family of resist-dyeing techniques that can be found in different forms across many cultures.

Tie-dye is a method of tying or stitching fabric together to prevent the absorption of dye to a particular area, dyeing is the process of applying colour on cloth to produce a design. Although the techniques of tie and dye vary from culture to culture, the concept of dying remains one of the oldest methods of printing design on fabric.

The design obtained from the placement of the pleats, stitches and ties can never be an absolute means of predetermining the final visual result.

List of materials inclusive

Cotton sample fabric
Ice Cream Sticks
Dye fixer
A study manual.


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