Mixed Doubles: Delicious granola goodies handcrafted by twin sisters

Treats by Twins Mumbai

Fitness resolutions made? If you’re now watching what you eat, try these granola goodies from
Treats by Twins Mumbai!

What is Treats by Twins?

A new healthy snack brand on the block, Treats by Twins started in September 2017. It offers healthy options like granola bars, cereals and whole wheat cakes.

Of course, the granola bars come in a host of flavours. Suited for different palates and age groups, there are the healthy All-Seeds Granola Bars, Date & Almond Granola Bars, Choco Chip  Granola Bars and Paan Granola Bars.

The Treats by Twins Mumbai handmade granola bars feature rolled oats, flax seeds, chia seeds and more such healthy goodness. Needless to say, these make for awesome gifting options too!

Who’s tasted Treats by Twins?

All Seeds Granola Bars. Price: ₹450 for 6

We at GHP surely have. And loved it all. The Date and Almond Granola Bars go a long way and the Paan Granola Bar is a fun chew.

But going beyond us, the twins do tell us that the consumer feedback has been very positive. We have every reason to believe them.

Aahana Advani wants to order a bigger box of assorted granola bars the next time round, since just six can create a spat between her husband and her. Rishika Shah never imagined that a quinoa dark chocolate cake could be so yummy. She thanks Treats by twins for a healthy, guilt-free indulgence. ‘Everyone loves the concept and wants us to introduce more varieties, which we are working on’, they say. Watch out for more treats by these twins, then!

Neha and Sneha

Who are the Treating Twins?

Sneha Lalvani and Neha Hemrajani – based in Andheri west. These 30-somethings decided to start Treats by Twins Mumbai to work together. Being twins, they understand each other’s minds well. This venture gives them an opportunity to work together, to be creative and help others build healthy lifestyles.

‘We both have done a few one day classes to learn some of the treats but a lot has come from trying different recipes at home to see what works best for us’, Sneha says.

Gift options from Treats by Twins

granola bars
Sweet Blossom Box. Price: ₹1450

The Sweet Blossom Box is a sure way to win anyone with a healthy bent of mind. This beautifully packaged gift box juxtaposes rose blossoms and granola bars of your choice. It works great as a gift, a takeaway or wedding favour!

More from Treats by Twins

Targeting anyone young or old, who wants to be conscious of what they consume, Treats by Twins Mumbai also offers granola cereals in two tasty varieties – Oats and Almond Mix and Nuts and Mixed-Fruit Granola Crunch. These come in 250-gram packs.

The duo is also gaining popularity for their whole wheat cakes – Carrot and Walnuts, Orange and Chocolate Chips, Quinoa and Dark Chocolate with Almonds. Chocolates made by Treats by Twins give a little sweet tooth option too.


Treats by Twins
Facebook page: Treats by Twins 
Call: Sneha – 9892092699 / Neha – 9820403808
Email – treatsbytwins@gmail.com


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