Guardians of the Galaxy: Angel Xpress Foundation, Goregaon east         

Angel Xpress Foundation Goregaon east

Wish to volunteer and make a difference to a child’s life? Dedicate two hours of your time at the Angel Xpress Foundation, Goregaon east and see the change.

If you think that verdant, lush surroundings in which one can relax and re-invent oneself are a luxury of the privileged, think again. Imagine my surprise when I went to Aarey Bhaskar Garden to visit the Angel Xpress Foundation centre there. I was met by a treat of a sight – a small batch of 8 children sitting with their teacher under the cool shade of trees, in an expansive green space.

What is Angel Xpress Foundation?

The Angel Xpress Foundation (AXF) has been working in the Goregaon east area since July 2017. Its volunteers tutor children from slum areas in Maths, English and value lessons on a regular basis. This centre has already got close to 75 children in its fold. These children have greatly benefited from this co-curricular support, displaying significant changes in their academic performance, confidence and general demeanour.

AXF was initiated in 2012 as a platform by concerned citizens “willing to tutor and mentor first-generation learners from slums in their neighbourhood”. Today, it is a 12 A and 80 G accredited Section 6 NGO with over 1000 school-going kids. Financially challenged families who live in slum areas send their children here to benefit from 300 hours of lessons. These lessons, planned and executed by some 300 volunteers at free learning centres in 10 locations across the city, have made great positive impact on the students’ lives, one child at a time. At Goregaon east, the Aarey Bhaskar Garden lawns and a small hall provide ample space for the AXF classes.

A class in action at Angel Xpress Foundation, Goregaon east

What is the impact so far?

‘The idea is to make not just a difference in their academic performance but to make them well-rounded individuals who can implement their learnings at AXF in their general lives’, says Sweta Tibrewal, centre manager at Angel Xpress Foundation, Goregaon east. Personal and civic hygiene, healthy eating, discipline and more such personality development spheres supplement the subject learning. This has created a world of visible difference in the children.

Sweta tells me how because of poor training in spoken English, even 8-grade students lack the confidence to speak and thus lose opportunities for skill training in the future. With patient but firm guidance from the teachers, the same children today have honed their skills well. Today, they look forward to their classes at AXF Goregaon east.

How can you join Angel Xpress Foundation Goregaon east?

Individuals who volunteer here include stay-at-home mums, grandmothers, ex-teachers, freelancers and professionals and post-graduate students. I met Shweta Chavan (in first picture with her batch of students) who is pursuing an MBA degree while simultaneously teaching at AXF Goregaon east.

You can volunteer by giving 2 to 3 hours per week to the AXF centre here. You can teach English on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays or Maths on Tuesdays and Thursdays.

Can I donate or sponsor activities?

Yes. The AXF team welcomes consistent donors. You can sponsor a child for an annual sponsorship of ₹8500. A snack for an average of 100 children would cost you ₹1000. Any other support that suits your budget or occasion is also welcome with prior clearance from the Goregaon east centre manager.

One can spend occasions like birthdays with treats for the AXF children and a contribution towards the cause. You can also participate in clothes and shoes toy donation drives and attend the AXF annual event – Day of Grace – in January.

What many might think as a treat for the receivers will come back knowing that AXF is really a treat for the givers. Come on board this “Good Karma Express” and enjoy a life-changing ride. One visit sure made my day!


AXF webiste:

AXF on Facebook:

Contact numbers: 9930070086 / 9820244562


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