Gudi Padwa 2018: Neem Khao Contest!

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Gudi Padwa 2018 is around the corner. This Sunday, March 18, marks the new year. Maharashtrians observe it as Gudi Padwa.

We heard that one begins this day by chewing on some neem leaves. Most of us know that neem leaves are only one of the most bitter edible leaves on the planet! The significance of this ritual is to leave the bitterness of your past behind and enter the new year with sweetness. The sweetness comes as a handful of gud or jaggery that chases away the taste of neem.

Think you’re up for this bittersweet challenge? Enter the GHP Gudi Padwa 2018 Contest! Shoot a video of you chewing on neem leaves and you could win a pack of delicious Puran Poli ice cream from Icestasy Ice Creams!

Here’s the deal:

  1. Shoot a video of you eating neem leaves
  2. Minimum video length required: 15 seconds 
  3. Tag @GHPMumbai on Facebook
  4. Post your neem eating video 
  5. The video with the maximum likes and comments wins!

Happy Gudi Padwa 2018!!

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