Happy Dancing Feet – Whether you’re getting healthy or hitched!

Happy Dancing Feet

Getting married soon? Or just getting healthy before that? All you need is Happy Dancing Feet!
This choreography outfit designs the best fun fitness routines. And the most stellar sangeet performances.

Srishti Arya is a content writer turned choreographer. She combines her skills of past and present in her work at Happy Dancing Feet. Acronymed to HDF, this wedding choreography company weaves and stages mesmerising stories for Indian sangeet events. It also conducts fun fitness workshops in Mumbai.

Mixed Medley Workshops by Happy Dancing Feet

Happy Dancing FeetHappy Dancing Feet is not just about its wow wedding choreography services. It also conducts regular fitness workshops that combine the best of dance and physical fitness routines.

Most interesting is their Mixed Medley Workout held sometime ago in Goregaon east. In these regimens, Srishti and her team strategically combine the effective aspects of Zumba, Core Fitness, CrossFit and more, into dance moves.

‘Our vision & mission is to spread the joy of dancing and use it as medium for healing and happiness’, says the HDF team. The Mixed Medley Workout held at Goregaon east did just that. Open to anyone between ages of 16 to 45, these workouts will be a fun way to get in moving and get in shape.

Why Happy Dancing Feet is your go-to for sangeet choreography

We all know how any Indian wedding – no matter how slim on budget – must be a big fat Indian wedding! And what’s it going to be without the naach gaana? HDF deftly brings in the story and the sentiment into the naach gaana.

‘HDF sangeet choreography is always different because of how we tailor-make it for each couple and each family’, relates Srishti, Director & Chief Choreographer.  This 26-year-old’s passion is almost palpable when she tells me of how she sits with each would-be wed couple, listens and tries to uncover the many little anecdotes in their love stories.

Her team and she then choreograph all these elements into one unforgettable performance. Not surprisingly, every HDF sangeet choreography gets the hoots, the whistles, the applause and many a moist eye.

‘We make it a point to ask and discover about the families involved in the wedding too. Including each key family member’s traits makes the sangeet choreography so much more relatable and enjoyable for the special couple and their guests’, Srishti says. When everyone’s involved, everyone has fun! Watch HDF’s super-cool sangeet flash mobs here and know how they really get your guests moving!

About Happy Dancing Feet as a Company

Srishti Arya

The idea of Happy Dancing Feet, was born out of a wedding itself. Somewhere in the midst of more dancing, training and enjoying the art, Srishti was choreographing her best friend’s wedding. Her work was highly appreciated and this led her on to found Happy Dancing Feet in 2014.

Today, she has a core team of 5 dancers and choreographers. Srishti herself has trained in Bollywood and HipHop with Terence Lewis Dance Company. Her troupe includes dancers from this reputed brand as well as Shiamak Davar’s The Dance Academy. These competent dancers keep sharpening and upgrading their skills by training in newer and more challenging dance forms. Recently, Srishti herself completed a belly dancing training with Banjara School of Dance.  If you have to make the world dance, imagine how many moves you need to know, right?

Well, while we leave you twirling to that thought, sign up for the next Mixed Medley Workouts in Goregaon east. Get on your happy dancing feet this season!


Call: 098195 80852 | Email: srishti.happydancingfeet@gmail.com
YouTube: Happy Dancing Feet

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