HAS juices: Drink Healthy This Monsoon

HAS juices

Most of us stay away from fresh juices in the monsoon. The prime concern is always hygiene – are the fruits and veggies washed well, are they juices prepared in a safe way, and more such doubts. Yet, can you really deprive yourself of the freshness of fruit juices, hydration and tasty benefits all monsoon long?

HAS has your Back

If you’re craving for that glass of nature’s bounty, I suggest you head to HAS juices. Yes, I do recommend it. HAS Juices is an ISO certified company and has been in the business of beverages since 2007. Over the last decade, it has been serving healthy, fresh and hygienically prepared juices for more than 6 million people.

Adopting global standards of practice HAS juices ensures high-standard equipment in their kitchens and display spaces. Every member of staff is trained to abide by established standards of hygiene.

With a qualified food technician, dietician and grooming trainer on board, nutrition-packed juices are assured at every step. The best practices are also made visible to customers, as to how raw fruits are handled and prepared for them in a fresh and clean manner. All juices are always freshly squeezed from a fresh stock of fruits and vegetables.

Health at HAS

HAS juices adopted the concept of serving health from the word Go. Fruits are the only gifts of nature that we can consume naturally, without processing. HAS juices adheres to this notion. Every kiosk is a source of freshly procured, fibrous juices and fruit salads. These are devoid of artificial colours and sweeteners. The best available technology is employed to retain the health benefits of the juices.

With the million benefits of fruits – vitamins, fibre, minerals and antioxidants – a fruit juice is your speediest way to nutrition and immunity.

Soldier your system with these fruit juices that we recommend. Grab your glass your nearest HAS Juices outlet. Cheers!

Apple: One of my favourite fruit juices. Rich in polyphenols and flavonoids that keep heart disorders at bay. High on iron and antioxidants – obviously keeps the doctor away! Down some apple juice and boost your immunity this monsoon!

Tomato: Another red one that gets a green signal as a juice for the monsoon. Consuming tomato juice improves digestive health. This tangy fruit is a great source of Vitamins A and C, increases metabolic rates and also keeps diabetes in check.

Pomegranate: Looks like rubies? Well, pomegranate is no less precious a gem. It is proven to improve blood flow and blood pressure. Tastes awesome, gives you the more awesome benefits of minding the bad cholesterol in your system. Stud your system with these jewels soon.

Guava: Grab a guava juice and get rid of that excess flab. Packed with essential Vitamin C, sip this juice and say cheers to great skin, hair and a fortified system!

Ginger: I know you load this into your chai in this weather. But how about getting more benefits by consuming it raw? HAS’Nano Shots of ginger and amla are direct steps to boost metabolism, fight heart ailments, aid digestion and acquire glowing skin. So get going on ginger!


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