Manimala Hazarika: Award-winning online entreprenuer

In the last 10 months, I have interacted with many individuals in and around Goregaon east, who are doing incredible work for the greater common good. The spectrum of work is varied – environment, wildlife, women, children, health, robotics, green industries, tribal welfare, culture and so much more.

With these discoveries, started a new section on the GHP blog: Highway Heroes. It aims to celebrate the work and passion of such people. Without this zeal and dedication, society at large and our own neighbourhood at close hand, would be bereft of value creation.


Today I feature Manimala Hazarika, Co-Founder of Mums ‘n’ Babies, an online specialist in maternity, breastfeeding and infant comfort wear. After much success since its inception 2015, she envisions developing an advanced health-tech platform to enable real-time diagnosis and treatment for pregnant women to prevent avoidable complications and mortalities.

GHP features the commendable work by Manimala, to also highlight her award for Indian Women Excellence Leadership Award 2017 in the category of eCommerce. The award is issued by The BRICS International Forum and MSME DI, of the government of India. The award was organized by StepUp360 – a startup
accelerator and incubator.

‘I am very passionate about the development of women and kids’, says Manimala. ‘My long-term vision is to revolutionise the entire maternity and baby-care space by providing specially designed high-quality products for mothers and babies and by developing a health-tech platform for the benefit of expecting women’, she shares.

Mums ‘n’ Babies primarily targets pregnant women and newborn mothers who are most often working women and living in a nuclear family. Manimala and her team launched a specially designed line of garments for maternity and nursing needs of women under the brand name Mums ‘n’ Babies two years ago, in 2015. This was one of the first brands to enter the eCommerce retail space that year, with its primary focus on maternity fashion.

‘We saw the need for comfortable yet fashionable and professionally suitable maternity and nursing wear that women can wear to work and even at social gatherings’, says Manimala. Earlier, these women had no option but to wear mostly ill-fitted clothes that were double to their sizes to office and parties because those were the only options available. Mums ‘n’ Babies solved this big problem by offering a range of specially designed, comfortable yet trendy wear. The products are available not only on the brand website but also on other major online marketplaces like Amazon, Snapdeal and LittleShopper.

Manimala Hazarika was awarded the Indian Women Excellence Leadership Award 2017 in the eCommerce category

What this venture has resulted in is the regaining of confidence, grooming and self-esteem for a generation of women who needed to be at ease and look well-turned out during and after their pregnancies, in their workplaces. Like it or not, you do tend to work better if you and your baby bump look and feel good and comfortable!

Mums ‘n’ Babies won the award for Best Online Store for Maternity and Nursing Wear in 2015 in the first ever online voters’ choice award conducted by Kidsstopress, an online child and parenting blog site. Manimala also won a voter’s choice award as the Most Diligent Entrepreneur in a startup accelerator, Ideas That Scale.

Team Mums ‘n’ Babies is also currently developing an online platform for expectant women and first-time mothers to infants to be connected with their healthcare professionals and access on-time advice and treatment from reliable and medically authorised sources, with the objective of reducing pregnancy complications and infant health hazards – mostly caused by ignorance and incorrect treatment.

The launch of this platform will give the maternity and infant care segment a great benefit – seeking to reduce incidences of maternal and infant mortality, a focus of India’s health ministry.

An alumnus of the MBA program at IIM Kolkata, armed with over 15 years of work experience with iconic brands like Fevicol and Times of India, this mother to a 12-year-old synergises educational and professional qualification, business acumen and human sensibility in a very commendable manner.

GHP wishes Manimala Hazarika, an inspiring person, the very best and much success in the years to come.


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