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Dietician, lifestyle consultant and health blogger, GHP member Sarika Nair was awarded “The Most Promising, Upcoming Dietician from Mumbai” at The International Healthcare Awards 2017 hosted recently by Time Cybermedia.

When you can combine your passionate and professional pursuits you know you’ve attained success. When you’re able to channel this achievement to help others and better their lives, consider yourself blessed. And when you’re recognised and awarded for this – it’s a wholly different level of accomplishment. This goes for Sarika Nair, the young and vivacious founder of Slimnhappy. A dietary and lifestyle consultant with many success stories in her kitty, Sarika’s work exhibits her passion for nutrition and health. Not surprisingly, she was awarded for being “The Most Promising, Upcoming Dietician in Mumbai” at The International Healthcare Awards 2017. These awards were held last month by Time Cybermedia. Sarika was presented her award by cricketer Rohit Sharma.

The International Healthcare Awards aim to “recognize excellence in the healthcare industry… it felicitates individuals and organizations for their critical contributions and services to the industry, by rewarding those who have played a significant role in increasing the efficiency as well as performance of the industry as a whole”. A comprehensive selection process based on ratings is conducted around the country to determine nominees and eventual winners.

Sarika Nair receiving her award from Rohit Sharma.

Sarika and Slimnhappy

Based in Kandivali, Sarika Nair’s Slimnhappy has helped many a client establish a happy and healthy relationship with food. Sarika has systematically helped people not just to loose weight but also maintain a lifestyle that healthy in the long run. Therefore, slim and happy!

Quiz her on her essential principles of nutrition and Sarika responds – “I believe that nothing can replace a healthy meal. We must always aim at eating healthily. Crash diets are not sustainable and hence not recommended. A healthy lifestyle is the need of the day”. So true! Sarika consults both online and offline; uses one-to-one and group sessions to engage in pro-health lifestyles. This gives her the chance to reach out to lot of people. In today’s world when people are short on time, this works out wonderfully for everyone.

Healthy blogging

An avid blogger, the attractively designed blogs on her website are quite a treasure trove for nutrition-conscious readers and seekers of sound guidance. Her writings are all about busting myths, trending topics and handy recipes. If you’re diabetic and are wondering if mangoes are diabolical, check with Slimnhappy first! The blog has also been listed among the “Top 100 Diet Blogs on the Planet”! Now that’s awesome, isn’t it? GHP is truly proud to have Sarika Nair in its community.

Apart from contributing to various national publications and websites, Sarika also conducts nutrition workshops for hospitals, for corporates, schools and other groups. Beyond nutrition, her interests lie in reading voraciously and travelling – like a local vis a vis a tourist. She also finds knitting very therapeutic and enjoys knitting for her daughter.

Parting words

What would this expert and GHP Highway Hero cite as a big health trend now? ‘Clean and healthy food’, she says. ‘People are moving towards organic foods and natural, plant-based diets. This kind of diet is nutritious and sustainable’, Sarika reveals.

And some parting words for Goregaon Highway Pulse? ‘GHP is not only a place to connect but it also provides the locals with information  regarding all the happenings in and around Goregaon. I wish GHP all the best and that it grows with astounding speed’. Kind words from this super-achiever. We tip our healthy hat to this Highway Hero!


Call: (+91) 9987543000
Address: Shop no 59, EMP 55, Thakur Village Kandivali East. Mumbai – 400101


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