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Music Ustad

Music Ustad is a music academy in Mumbai. It conducts music classes for children and adults in Goregaon, Marol and Powai.

At a time when cultural exposure for children is a key facet to their personality development, an endeavour like Music Ustad is, well, music to the ears! Here’s taking a look at the melodies that make up the composition of these wonderful music classes in Goregaon. GHP Mumbai takes pleasure in bringing such information to you.

Who is Music Ustad?

Dola Basu Shome, Founder – Music Ustad

Music Ustad was conceived and initiated by Dola Basu Shome. Dola is a qualified exponent of Hindustani classical vocal music. She is visharad and trained in light classical music from Shriram Bhartiya Kala Kendra, New Delhi.

‘It was the need to get good music education for our daughter that led to the birth of Music Ustad,’ Dola shares. Her quest to find a qualitative music academy close to home met with much disappointment and anguish.

Soon Dola realised she wasn’t alone in this despair. Many a parent around her sought similar avenues of cultural education for children. Dola then decided to start the Music Ustad platform for training and appreciation of Indian classical music in Mumbai.

Apart from being engaged in a full-time corporate job, Dola is also a certified Music Therapist. That’s a lady with many interludes.

What is Music Ustad?

Since the last couple of years, Dola’s labour of love has given innumerable youngsters access to good quality training in Indian music. Music Ustad today is a platform that promotes young talent and a brand that preserves one of India’s most precious cultural inheritances.

Music Ustad’s mission is to provide comprehensive and sound training in Indian vocal and instrumental music. Aspiring singers and musicians, as young as three-and-a-half years of age, enjoy these classes.

Music Ustad students performing at Kala Ghoda Arts Festival, 2018

‘The effort is to bring correct Indian music training to the doorsteps of every aspiring singer’, Dola says. For her, the effort is to not have people lose out on such opportunities due to lack of time. In the busy and travel-woe ridden city of Mumbai, an avenue like this reaching your home is indeed a blessing.

The Music Ustad platform also provides students avenues to explore and experience live shows. One of the necessary requirements for providing “high-quality” training is exposing students to the lives and styles of successful modern-day musicians. With regard to this, different workshops and concept shows by renowned musicians are conducted on a regular basis.

More from the Ustad

Some of Music Ustad’s unique initiatives include Shastriya Kids (Indian classical music kids band); SCOTCH – Senior Citizen Only Talent Challenge and Musicomining – free musical training for underprivileged children.

This platform is also instrumental in promoting Rabindranath Tagore’s treasury of music beyond West Bengal. Coming up in August 2018 is a live show on Tagore’s songs, in Mumbai.

Ask Dola about future plans and she is well-tuned and focused. ‘We will continue to move ahead on this path and try and bring more and more workshops and trainings to Mumbai. In various disciplines and genres of music, these will expose our students to maestros and give them opportunities to learn and grow in their respective fields’, she shares. Let the music play, Music Ustad!


Call: 9920108708
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Musicustad/


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