Holi 2018: Best tips to protect your face, hair and body

holi 2018

Holi 2018 is on Friday, March 2. It’s the one festival that promises most fun and frolic. Children and adults alike look forward to Holi for all the colour and festivities. Here are some handy tips to help you before, during and after Holi. These will help you protect your skin and hair and save you from scrubbing woes!

Holi 2018

Things to do before you play Holi

Oil your hair

Use castor oil or olive oil in your hair. Apply either of these oils in your hair before you go out to play. If you don’t have these, use almond or coconut oil. These work as a protective coat on your hair and allow colours to be washed off easily later.

It would be best to massage oil one night before Holi so your scalp is also protected.

Moisturise your face and body

Apply loads of moisturiser or body oil on your hands, face and all exposed body parts before going out to play.

Holi 2018Paint your nails dark

Paint your nails with a dark nail colour to prevent them from getting stained.

Apply Vaseline on your lips

Apply Vaseline on your lips before you head out to play. It will prevent colours from settling in the cracks of your lips.

Wear sunscreen

Apply sunscreen at least 30 to 45 minutes before you head out to play with colours. Anything above SPF 30 is good.

Check your Khoya for purity

Adulterated khoya and mawa are common in the market during Holi time. If you’re making gujiyas and the like, please test these ingredients for purity before you use them.

Things to do during Holi

Avoid the Sun

When you still have colour on your skin, never go into the sun. If the colours are chemical based, they get deeply absorbed in the skin pores and tough to scrub off.

Wear a bandana

The best way to protect your hair is to cover it completely with a scarf or bandana. Apart from applying oil as mentioned above, don’t take any chances with hair. To protect your hair by covering it is the best solution during Holi.

Wear sunglasses

Sunglasses are really helpful in Holi celebrations as they will protect your eyes from harsh colours.

Don’t stay wet for too long

Don’t stay in wet clothes for long as it can cause two things. One is rashes, and the other is seeping of colours in your skin more easily.

Holi 2018

Keep drinking water

You might forget to keep drinking water during the festivities. As a result, your body is dehydrated, and skin becomes water deficient. This leads to higher possibilities of bad tans. Your energy levels dip too.

Wash Your Hands Every Time You Touch Food

Since a lot of the Holi colours are in the form of fine powders, they often tend to get mixed up in boxes of dry fruits, nuts and sweets that are put out for guests. Make sure you keep your food covered (if you’re the host) and also wash your hands well every time you eat something.

Things to do after you play Holi

Use kitchen ingredients to remove colours. Avoid using harsh chemical shampoos and soaps to get rid of colour from your skin.

Wheat flour: Use wheat flour powder as a scrub to gently remove the colours.

Holi 2018Coconut Oil: The one ingredient that will help after playing Holi is coconut oil. It’s safe for any skin type. It’s affordable for all and works the best for all ages.

Lemon Juice: Another damage prevention agent is a tinge of lemon juice in coconut oil. Lemon acts as a natural bleaching agent so it will act with coconut oil to scrap off the entire colour easily.

Rose Water: Acne-prone skin? Apply rosewater on the affected areas. Its soothing properties will relieve the inflammation and reduce the chances of developing more rashes.

Curd and methi seeds powder: Combine these two ingredients for a post-Holi hair mask. This prevents hair damage and keeps hair nourished.

Always use only cold water to remove colours 

Avoid skin treatments like facials and bleaches or hair colouring for at least a couple of weeks after playing Holi. Give your skin and hair some time to recover from the trauma of chemicals and repeated washes.



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