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holi 2019

Does Holi mean serious messy colour-play to you? Is it going to be 50 shades of grey, green and grubbiness at the end of this Holi 2019?

A lot of us wish we could have someone miraculously scrub off all the colour and chemicals off us every Holi. Almost like a Laundro-mat for post-Holi 2019 blues (pun intended)!

Well, it’s always far better to go natural and cleanse yourself. Holi colours can be extremely stressful on the skin, hair and eyes. You need calming, comforting and damage-preventing options to relieve yourself from the stress.  When it comes to natural remedial creams, turn to Natural Essentials.

What Is Natural Essentials?

A range of wellness products formulated by Goregaon-based Urmila, Natural Essentials is a an affordable brand of skincare and haircare. 100% natural, cruelty-free and vegetarian, and handmade – Natural Essentials gives you joyfully refreshing answers to you post-Holi 2019 needs.

Take a look at Natural Essentials’ products highly recommended for Holi 2019 revellers. These are available for purchase right within your neighbourhood of Goregaon!

All Natural Essentials products are lab tested and comply with IS Certification Standards.

Natural Essentials Range
  1. Multipurpose Calendula Salve – Basically a moisturising ointment, this one can be used as a skin barrier so that the colours don’t get into the skin. It acts a great makeup or Holi colour remover. Natural Essentials’ Multipurpose Calendula Salve leaves the skin relieved and rejuvenated.

  2. Strawberry, Green Tea and Cocoa Face and Body Masks – Talk power-packed goodness in a vial! These are natural, plant-based gentle cleansers, scrubs and face masks that work to make any kind of skin healthy and soothed.
  3. Skin Brightening Oil/Serum – Don’t let Holi mean you suffer with dull skin. Kickstart a new glow and brightness by applying the Natural Essential’s Skin Brightening Oil/Serum. A melange of natural extracts remove any pigmentation or marks on your skin and make it a Happy Holi for you!

4. Vitamin E Multipurpose Butter Cream – After all the water you expose your skin to, it will need added hydration. Boost it with butter, the Natural Essentials way. The excellent hydrating and moisturising Vitamin E Multipurpose Butter Cream is for all age groups.

All these products are made in small batches, to order – ensuring freshness and quality. Urmila uses export quality food grade ingredients and 100% natural clays in her signature creations.

Who is Natural Essentials?

Urmila, Founder: Natural Essentials

Urmila, the founder of this all-natural wellness product range is a professional healer, certified aromatherapist, Bach Flower practitioner and an NLP Coach. A certified graduate in natural skin and haircare products formulating, she specialises in anti-ageing products and serums.

After much success through repeated requests, a phenomenal customer base in Bengaluru and Mumbai, Urmila has created beautiful stories, one non-toxic product at a time. Her passion to provide wholesome, natural solutions for any and every derma or trichology worry is evident in her brand and in the demand for her products.

Connect with Urmila via 8971972911
Price range: ₹285 onwards. This is a special discounted price available for a limited period.

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