Holi 2019: Zara Hatke Manao

holi 2019

Holi 2019 is just around your corner. People are stocking up on colours, pichkaris, water balloons and all that stuff. GHP is all about looking for different things that make the usual unique.

So why not make Holi 2019 a little hatke? The festival  of  colours, after all, should be celebrated with colours, fun, joy… and lesser with valuable natural resources like water. Here’s how we suggest you celebrate a more eco-friendly, high-on thoughtfulness Holi 2019, from the word GO.

1. A Woodstock Holi 2019

The festival of Holi starts with a bonfire (to depict Holika) on the eve of Holi.  Holika was the sister of  Hiranyakashyap, who wanted to kill his own son – Prahlad. The boy was a devout follower of Lord Vishnu, whom his father despised. The burning of Holika signifies victory of good over evil.

The burning of huge bonfires in modern times signifies more evil than good. Given the rising pollution levels, we must keep the Holika a small but significant one. Housing societies close to each other should combine and create a single small Holika, good enough to observe the ritual.

2. Dam in the Water

Almost every Holi reveller insists on playing Holi with water, more than colour. This is just plain sad, knowing that it’s a selfish waste of water. Come summer and there will be acute shortage of water. Ditch the water balloons and the pichkaris and just enjoy a dry Holi 2019.

There are many innovative ways to replace water. Read on!

3. Say It With Flowers!

Image by Bishnu Sarangi from Pixabay

Fresh flowers are beautiful and they are bio-degradable. Playing Holi with flower petals, is interesting, unique and far more colourful than plain water! We’re not saying you buy off the whole flower market in the process but definitely consider this option to celebrate the onset of Spring!

4. Natural Colour Holi

Eco-friendly natural colours by Everything Eco Mumbai

Well, our ingredients in the kitchen come handy always. Be it in our beauty regimen, or as natural Holi colors! Making Holi colors using different ingredients from the kitchen sure is a safer option for your skin and the environment.

You can use turmeric powder to get that bright yellow colour or crush cumin powder for that perfect green! Did you know that  jaggery can be used as a beautiful brown colour? Rang de tu mohey geruaaa!

There are some great brands like Everything Eco and Green Practices who are offering boxes of eco-friendly colours for Holi 2019. Check them out!

5. Music Masti Holi

Face it. You will indulge in the colours and rain showers for a max of 60 minutes…the what? Why not take your high spirits to celebrate Holi 2019 with some music? Ditch the usual and take to songs, karaoke and antakshari to see beautifully coloured talent emerge!

Let us be really concerned about environmental resources and our communities and celebrate a safe-for-all Holi 2019! Make it a Hatke Holi!

-Sumedha Mathur

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