How Can I Ace that Self-Acceptance Game?

self acceptance

Would you like you if you met you?

Most of us would be struggling with an answer other than a YES because we are too harsh on ourselves. We are busy attaching all kinds of T & C s to accept and like ourselves.

“I would feel good enough only after I lose some weight, fit into that one outfit,  get that promotion get that guy or gal” the list goes on and on…

Self-Acceptance for Flawed Selves? Really?

First up, self-acceptance is always unconditional. It is accepting yourself as you are, flaws included. It is about respecting yourself for who you are, irrespective of your appearance, relationships, wealth, career, achievements and failures. It is acknowledging and owning one’s thoughts, emotions, attitudes, behaviour, skills and weaknesses.

Our sense of self-acceptance is often influenced by others’ understanding, opinions and judgements of us.


What role does Self-Acceptance play in our lives?

Accepting oneself is the only way to personal growth via improvising on the weak areas.

Unconditional self-acceptance keeps away self-criticism, dislike for oneself and resentment. It brings in unconditional happiness and contentment, which reflects in your relationships.

Self-acceptance is the only ‘approval’ that sets you free from:

1) Worrying about others’ perceptions of you and

2) The need of approval from others.

How Can I Ace that Self-Acceptance Game?

It’s a simple 6-step process. Grab those keywords and you’re good to go on the beautiful ride of self-acceptance and sheer joy.

  1. Stop comparing yourself with others. Have your own list of things that matter to you in life.
  2. Accept your uniqueness, however weird it may all seem to you. Each of us is a masterpiece with unique talents.
  3. Acknowledge your thoughts and emotions. It is totally okay to feel angry, sad, fearful or jealous. Accept that you feel a certain way. Do not deny your emotions. Own them. And then channelise, resolve or work them out in a positive manner.
  4. Know your strengths and achievements. Revisit them when when you are swimming in self-doubt and use them as quick floatation devices!
  5. Know your weak points and imperfections. They are as much a part of you as your skills. Work on how you can improvise on these without guilt or criticism.
  6. Ever tried some healthy self-chatter? You must engage and talk to yourself as you would to a dear one. Trust me, it helps!

Self-acceptance forms the base of your self-esteem and self-love. Let us unconditionally accept ourselves. It is time we take charge of it!

Dr. Preeti Chawla

Dr. Preeti Chawla is a Mumbai based Homeopathic doctor, Counselling Psychologist and Life Coach. The human mind and emotions is her main arena of work. She works across all age groups with the purpose of supporting and guiding them through challenging situations, by way of Personal Counselling /Coaching/ Seminars. She writes to motivate and create awareness on Mental-Emotional health. 

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