How NOT To Stress Yourself Out This Diwali

Festivals are times of laughter, feeling the love, celebrating and enjoying with our friends and family. But the preps for festivals get us stressed. Isn’t that ironic?

For us human beings, stress builds up when we fail to meet our own expectations. Feeling stressed makes us irritable, sleepless, decreases in our appetite, increases fatigue. In extreme cases – one may have an emotional outburst.

What are the possible reasons for this irony? Financial pressures, the need of ‘more’ time, feeling lonely, or physical tiredness are a few reasons.

There are 8 more days for Diwali to begin. Here are double the number of ways to NOT stress this festive season. I hope you can incorporate these to the maximum and make the best of the celebrations.

  1. Plan in advance

    The ‘Diwali ki safai’ will always be a part of our culture. Planning it a month in advance helps. Avoid crowding it in 3-5 days. Have it spread over a few days/ weekends.

  2. Delegate tasks

    Let all members of the family do their bit in cleaning, planning and shopping, rather than just the lady or ladies of the house.

  3. Gifting lists 

    List out people you want to buy gifts for.

  4. Prepare a budget 

    Decide what amounts are suitable to be spent over gifts, foods, sweets, chocolates, decorations, etc.

  5. Make a fixed shopping list

    This is to prevent yourself from going overboard, buying unwanted things during the tempting grand festival sales happening online and offline.

  6. Use cash for expenses 

    Avoid using credit cards. The human psyche gets into a convenient zone with using credit cards, which is often regretted later.

  7. Create your own bespoke idea of celebration 

    Get to know how your family really wishes to celebrate. Avoid browsing across social media and adding to expectations. It will only push you into compulsions to match up to what everyone else is doing – for themselves and others.

  1. Maintain your exercise regime
    We tend to compromise on our exercise routines due to the excess work on hand, believing it may help us to save time. Maintaining your workout routines keeps away fatigue. It also keeps you energetic throughout the day.
  2. Sleep it out

    Have adequate sleep of 6-8 hours. The body needs sound time to rest and rejuvenate.

  3. Massage to the rescue 

    Head/ foot/ body massages help release muscle tension. Hot water baths or saunas ease tiredness.

  4. Steal some ME time  

    Sit  by yourself for a good 15-20 minutes each day. It can just at your window, sipping your tea in silence or with soothing music or a walk in Nature. Free yourself of all your expectations for a few minutes.

  5. Take the Chill Pill

    Relax with meditation, deep breathing, or pranayama. Let the stress flow out of your system.

  6. Plate it with Health 

    When under pressure, we tend to gorge on sweets or junk food, which in-turn lowers our capacity to cope with stress. Make sure you eat timely. Good portions of veggies and fruits will also add to your glow.

  7. Hydrate and Heal 

    Flush out toxins with plenty of water intake.

  8. Follow the Snack Track 

    Have nuts/ dry fruits/ groundnut/ roasted grams as in-between snacks to boost energy.

  9. Watch them vices

    Keep away from turning to alcohol/ smoking to relax your system. These actually overtire the internal mechanism.

  10. Go beyond yourself 

    Spend some time and other resources like clothes, meals or gifts with people who may be all alone during festivals or has lesser means than you. Real festivity comes from adding happiness to others’ lives.

Have a joyful and mindful Diwali 2018!

Dr. Preeti Chawla

Dr. Preeti Chawla is a Mumbai based Homeopathic doctor, Counselling Psychologist and Life Coach. The human mind and emotions is her main arena of work. She works across all age groups with the purpose of supporting and guiding them through challenging situations, by way of Personal Counselling /Coaching/ Seminars. She writes to motivate and create awareness on Mental -Emotional health. 

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