Imagination meets engineering: It’s a piece of cake!

When a software developer chucks the chips and decides to done a baker’s apron, you would expect some ingenuity. But when you see engineering in a delicious cake, you know there’s something more than what meets the eye.

Meet Bhavana Vazhayil, a 32-year-old whose brand Pikaboos is adding more than just candles to a celebration. I’m talking disco lights and locomotives. When she started exploring her passion for cooking and baking, she always knew what she delivered had to be unforgettable. She fondly recollects how each experiment with new dishes on friends and neighbours, they would result in much appreciation. Thane-based Pikaboos is her foray into the cakes business, that is wowing clients with its imagination, perfection and taste.

Dream of a train on your cake? Done. A disco-lights and DJ music cake for a teenager’s birthday, a Mickey Mouse cake of three feet or confetti and a waltz out of a wedding cake. Done, done and done. “The more elaborate, the better for us”, gushes Bhavana, who runs Pikaboos with her husband, Rahul as partner.

And the highlight of this service is that it delivers its cakes anywhere in the city. The Pikaboos couple travels all over, delivering the cakes themselves.

A one-of-a-kind cake delivered to a party at Bombay Gymkhana. Click here for a video view

A cake reflects so many emotions and sentiments and this led Bhavana to confirm that no two cakes can really be the same. “We rarely want to replicate what a client just finds online and asks us to deliver”, she says. The cake, theme, likes and dislikes of the person it is meant for, budget, etc. are all discussed and that sets the ball rolling on designing it. Each cake is designed from scratch and that’s what makes it special.

But if you’re thinking that this means several cake-board meetings, go surf! All of Pikaboos’ work is managed online or via phone calls. “Clients just call and tell me what they want or they place orders on our social media pages. I then send them some designs for their approval. Most of them don’t even ask for designs, leaving me to my own free hand and imagination”, Bhavana shares. With the kind of cakes Pikaboos is turning out, trust doesn’t seem like an issue at all. Check out the reviews on the Facebook page, you’ll know.

Yet, the attention to detail – perfection in taste, quality and ingredients and the personal touch – is always maintained. That is what the remains of the day are really – down to the last crumb.

Pikaboos’ most recent feats include a Mickey Mouse cake standing tall at three feet and an impressive one made for Naaptol’s 9th anniversary. The latter was a 4-tiered cake with a train doing the rounds of it, celebrating the mode of transport that’s the backbone of this online business. Bhavana had mentions of each department around the cake to give every member of staff a personal connect. There’s your perfect and memorable celebration. Feeling is more important than fondant, isn’t it?

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