International Cat Day | Amazing Cat Facts To Know

It’s International Cat Day today. Did you know cats have these 5 insane yet amazing abilities?

Your furry feline buddy can do more than just be cute and cuddly. There’s no denying that cats are incredibly smart animals. They are far more intelligent than we may expect them to be.

Yes, cats can act pricey and aloof but cats have what some may consider super-human abilities. On International Cat Day let’s celebrate these adorable creatures by appreciating their remarkable qualities.

1)  Faster than Bolt: Did you know that an average domestic cat can run at a speed of 48 Km/hr at short distances? Olympian Usain Bolt is dubbed as the fastest runner in the world with a record of running at 44 Km/hr.  That just means your little ball of fur can easily outrun you at any given point of time!

2) Extra-ordinary hearing: A cat can hear five times further than humans because of its cone-shaped ears. They pick up sounds and movements from afar which help them determine the source of the sound.

3) Yogic Experts: A cat’s spine has amazing flexibility. Due to its frequent arching, stretching and standing, their spinal vertebra stays pliable and resilient. Their tiny shoulder blades allow them to have a wide range of movement and their narrow chest allows them to squeeze into tight spaces. They can surely give yoga enthusiasts a run for their money!


4) Looking far and into the dark: Cats have a hard time focusing their eyes on things that are close or unmoving objects. That’s because they are much better at seeing objects that are farther away. If you notice closely, you’ll see that cats often paw their water before drinking to see if there’s any potential danger under the surface. They also usually do that to check the speed at which the water is flowing. Cats can see with just 1/6th of the quantity of light that humans require in the night. Their irises opens wide at night which helps them to see much better.

5) Best cures for your heart and for migraine: While dogs and cats fill our hearts with joy, they protect it too! Numerous studies have shown that cat parents have a lower risk of heart disease, cholesterol, blood pressure and triglyceride than those who don’t have pets.


Some studies show that a cat’s rhythmic purr can even cure migraines in humans. Stroking their fur is another way to relax headaches. All these benefits without any medication! Well, in that case, it seems like a cat is indeed what the doctor ordered!

So go celebrate International Cat Day by spending quality time with a feline friend!

-Supriya Nair




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