International Hot & Spicy Food Day in Goregaon

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Bring on the real fire today. Try some truly spicy dishes from restaurants in Goregaon. Yes, it’s International Hot & Spicy Food Day today and we wouldn’t want you to miss the celebrations! Goregaon Highway Pulse did a round-up of some really hot stuff available in restaurants in Goregaon. Head here and find yourselves on fire. Oh come one, each place is fire compliant too!

Bunny Chow | Bomb’ar Goregaon

Bunny Chow by Bomb’ar

Bunny Chow is a South African peasant way of eating curry with bread. At Bomb’ar Goregaon, an award-winning resto-pub, you will find a unique chef’s take on Bunny Chow.  This spicy curry is available in vegetarian mock meat curry and chicken curry.

Here’s how the vegetarian version is made. First, the chef sautes garlic and ginger till the raw flavour is gone. Then he add onions and sautes further. Then comes green chilli. Now’s the Indian take: adding Indian masalas like chilli powder, coriander powder, cumin powder and then sautéing it all till the oil floats up. Then, in come some vegetables such as potatoes, carrot, green peas and the mock meat. It’s finished with butter and cream and serves with freshly baked bread.

See the Bomb’ar menu here
Call: +91 9136080053 / +91 99874 39014

American Chilli Bowl | Burgundy Box

American Chilli Bowl by Burgundy Box

Burgundy Box is your answer for flavourful takeaway meals. This Goregaon-based meal brand offers a range of Indian and international cuisines on a regular basis. Its ready Sarson Da Saag meals during winter and salad meals all year round have made it a go-to for freshly prepared and hygienically packed meals. 

Burgundy Box sees red with its American Chilli Bowl – bringing one of America’s most-loved one-meal dishes to you. The chicken American Chilli Bowl combines minced chicken, kidney beans and highly-hot tomato sauce. Add a drizzle of cheese on this one and you’re hard day’s work melts away. The dish comes to you with a portion of garlic bread. That’s your yin to the fiery yang of the spicy chilli bowl!

See the Burgundy Box menu here
Call: 022 4266 1414

Spiciest Cheesy Parathas | SNIF

restaurants in goregaon
Spiciest Cheesy Parathas by SNIF

SNIF – Streets North Indian Food is a great option for all your whims and fancies. Don’t feel like cooking for a week? Subscribe to their home-style tiffin service. Last minute guests and too lazy to make them parathas? Just call SNIF kitchen and have a fresh, flavourful and economical bread basket arrive at your home.

In our search for a truly spicy offering that really makes us go SNIFF!, here’s what we found – Spiciest Cheesy Parathas.

In go green bell peppers, green chillies, a whole load of cheese, red chilli flakes and black pepper as stuffing. A hot and spicy paratha waits for you at the end of 10 minutes of roasting and toasting with love (spicy love, that is). Keep that mandatory bowl of curd ready to douse the fire!

See the SNIF menu here
Call: +91  99996 22868

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