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Akshi Oil

Akshi Oil has been a very special discovery for us at GHP Mumbai. This is a truly  impressive brand of organic cold-pressed oils.

Since 2016, Akshi Oil has been bringing wellness to people’s homes, one vial at a time. The range boasts of oils for all purposes and for all kinds of uses. From kids to senior family members, Akshi Oil has left its fragrant impression everywhere.

Blended with herbs and made based on traditional recipes, Akshi Oil has a bouquet of products that are chemical-free and proven effective. Available online, Akshi Oil has been selling all over India.

One happy client, Ami Jhaveri, shared her feedback with us – Akshi Oil’s hair oil is so light and non-greasy. I love their olive oil, use it regularly and have seen much difference in my hair quality.

Who is Akshi Oil?

Amishi Kothari, an Ayurveda follower, founded Akshi Oil in her home. She has always believed in holistic living and wellness that comes the natural way.

Akshi Oils
Amishi Kothari, Founder – Akshi Oil

Amishi has lived in Indian Ayurveda health centres and even worked with a vaid to serve patients. This has given her first-hand experience at natural remedies and cures. She went on to earn certifications in essential oils and perfume appreciation and creation.

“In our home, we never used store-bought hair oil. These were always homemade. Oiling was a daily ritual for all – men and women. I researched and applied my mother-in-law’s traditional recipes and used them for my oils”, Amishi says. For four months, the products were tested with many friends and acquaintances. Encouragement came to make these therapeutic oils available to the world. Then, Akshi Oil was made official.

Special and Unique Akshi Oil

Akshi Oil always uses cold-pressed oils and natural essential oils. Customised oils can also be made for you.

The product list includes hair oils, massage oils, special kids’ oil hampers, essential oils, pure rose water and other single oils like groundnut, almond and more such.

The range also includes some unheard fragrances like strawberry and passion fruit. The oils are priced ₹240 onwards for 200 ml bottles.

akshi oils

 “I observed that kids have now stopped oiling their hair altogether. In fact, they use chemical products on their bodies”, Amishi relates. Being a certified preschool trainer and a child development enthusiast, she developed a special range of oils for children. These are chocolate, bubblegum and other such fragrances that enthuse kids towards oils. Akshi Oil are chemical preservative-free.

Neha Mundra, a healthcare professional, swears by Akshi Oil for pregnancy stretch marks – I used the coconut and almond oil through my pregnancy and have no stretch marks! It makes an immense difference when you use such natural products.

Ready for gifting, perfect for hamper, Akshi Oil are a delight for both giver and receiver. These are great as Rakhi gifts, aren’t they?


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