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Sports in urban India is pretty much a field of that one game. It’s only in the recent years that more people have dared to bare more sports. Yes, we say “dare” because fighting an age-old fixation needs a lot of guts. Sticking its head out in the sports training scene is Forza India Academy  – a young but raring brand for football training in Goregaon and Malad areas. Forza has been training children as young 4 years of age, kicking up a storm of sporting activity across the board.

Forza India Academy is currently training children at levels aged 4, under 10 and under 14 at the turf at Inorbit Mall, Malad west. It’s been a successful start, with kids coming from various suburbs to train at Forza. Classes for senior kids are in the evenings and for juniors are during weekend mornings.

The Force of Forza

Forza India Academy is not just a football training centre. It calls itself a “Football Development Centre”. It is founded with the sheer passion to introduce one of the world’s most popular and most joyful sports to children today. The trainers at Forza are developing footballers at the grassroots level, at par with training in football giant nations.

What Forza has been doing is gradually changing a mindset – of parents who overlook football as an avenue of holistic development for their child, of children who look at outdoor sport as belittling and of a community that would rather just spend their resources on more trivial, limited-outcome recreations.

Forza India Academy

Why Forza India Academy?

With a bedrock of international training and practices at the core of its curriculum, Forza India helps not just football skill but also values of team building, fairplay, decision making, self-confidence and more such. These are prerequisites for any child, you would agree.

Moreover, Forza India involves and integrates parents of the training children. With regular interactions, forums and fun matches, Forza is creating a strong football community in Goregaon areas and around the neighbourhood! This parent testimonial is simple but pertinent – Kids need to go out and play more often. No better way to keep them active and healthy than football. Great work, team Forza!

Forza is accredited by WIFA (Western Indian Football Association)

Who is Forza India Academy?

Forza India Academy
Ajay Menon with the under-6 footballers at Forza India Academy

A self-confessed football maniac, Ajay Menon. His passion is for Italian football – hence Forza. “ I want to be able to impart football learning the same way I learned through my years of dissecting the essence of football coaching and playing in Italy”, Ajay says. He’s the founder of AS Roma India and a passionate promoter of the club across the peninsula. The sheer joy of outing foot to ball on a turf gave Ajay the zeal to start Forza India Academy.

Forza India Academy is also fronted by more powerhouse trainers, like Lay Gala and Vipul Jajoo. Lay has represented India in the u-20 Futsal  World Cup at Chile. Vipul has worked with South United and Barca Academy. With these coaches as core, Forza India becomes a game-changer, when you’re looking for astute football training for children in and around Goregaon.

The Gender Bender

Among other things that sports in India has to reckon with, gender is a big factor. Forza India is challenging the gender issue by offering a serious 25% off on its football training fees. For u-6 to u-14 batches of football training for girls, Forza India gives this discount to encourage meaningful life goals for them.

As on date, Forza India prides itself in some serious football talent that it has honed and struck, among both boys and girls. Watching them pump into true sportspeople gives its founders great pride and a sense of match-winning achievement.

Forza India Academy

Instagram: Forza India Academy
Contact: 9820841814 (Ajay) / 9029909093 (Ashutosh)

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