Krantikari Chai, anyone?

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Roadside Chaupal in Goregaon east is serving storm in a teacup!

Find the nip in the morning air a bit too much? A cup of masala tea would be just right before you head to work. Roadside Chaupal in Goregaon east is taking it a step further – with Krantikari Chai.

What’s Krantikari Chai ?

With a name like that on the menu, you’re bound to be curious. The Krantikari chai at Roadside Chaupal is basically a strong cup of tea with loads of ginger, sugar and elaichi. This typical Indian chai masala comes together in a modest glass. It works wonders to anyone with revolution on their minds – or even a minor urge to oppose.

So whether you’re contemplating stirring things up a little in an otherwise ordinary day or planning drastic coup, a cup of Krantikari chai would be a good idea. Consider it the first in the dramatis personae of your daily drama!

The Krantikari chai has many takers in this small, blink-and-miss eatery. From college students, young professionals and older office-goers, you’ll see them all here. Some for a simple but hearty breakfast, some for a wholesome lunch and others for an evening tea that punctuates a heavy wprk day.

The Place

Roadside Chaupal, Goregaon east

Roadside Chaupal is basically the outpost and main kitchen for Roadside Baramdah. Food for both restaurants is cooked at Chaupal so you’re sure to grab a decent meal here too.

As for the interiors – it’s a really small place but who said revolutions can’t begin from meek proportions? With about 4 tables, rustic interiors, sans air-conditioning, it tries a shabby chic look. But not intentionally. Pretensions are left out on the pavement. The staff too is no-nonsense, to the point kind. Until you ask for Krantikari Chai. That could evoke a smile.

“Chaupal” essentially is a community space in a rural setting, characterised by people gathering under a tree to share, discuss and more. The intention at Roadside Chaupal is similar – a simplistic, inclusive feel for all.

The Food

The menu is modest but appealing. There are breakfast, lunch and snacks listed. Reaching out to the heart, the menu features parathas, khichdi, Maggi and bun maska variations. Almost everything can be customised and even allows you to be wishful and just ask for something that you may not find on the menu. If the ingredients are available, it shall be made.

We tried the Desi Chicken Phulka Meal from the Rough & Tough Meals section. Neither rough nor tough, the chicken curry was well-spiced and very tasty. The tava phulka that was served was a good size and a perfect accompaniment to the tender chicken. For 125, we think this is a great lunch. All in all, a lunch for two would be about 300 bucks.

We also tried the Schezwan maggi and found it to be rather well done.

But the Krantikari chai is a definite winner. Oh, and if you’d rather not be part of the revolution, you can go for the Shantikari Chai – a mellow beverage option that helps you call it a day!


8, Bhola Bhagwan Industrial Estate, Near Cello Triumph, IB Patel Road, Goregaon East
No table reservation required

GHP reviewers conducted this review anonymously and paid for the meal themselves.


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