Let’s Walk to Healthy Lives: Supported by GHP

Lets Walk

Goregaon Highway Pulse is happy to support Let’s Walk – a nature walk to promote healthy living and awareness.
Do register and join in!

In this fast paced life, we often tend to ignore, overlook and procrastinate the needs of one most important person, any guesses who? Me..myself..I

We make time for everyone else but, ourselves, and more so when it comes to issues relating to our health and wellbeing.  Caught in the rigmarole of everyday routines, competition, keeping up with the ever increasing pressure at places of work, study, home, eventually leads to stress, mental fatigue, burnout and a host of lifestyle disease.

“Start walking” how often have we heard this advice being given to us. Medically proven to be one of the best forms of exercise, it is simple, has zero cost, and above all, one of the most effective means to achieve overall well being.

Aimed at initiating this simple yet powerful act of walking and inculcating this into a routine habit is what we at Lets Walk would like to promote. Join the movement and support this much needed initiative.

From increasing well being to weight loss, helping in reducing lifestyle diseases to increasing creativity and productivity, the list of benefits gained from walking are long and you would be surprised at how this simple and basic act of walking and moving about when developed into a habit can help us alleviate so many of our problems related to the mind, body and soul.

Lets Walk for ourselves and motivate others to start walking too!  Join like minded individuals on this nature trail, connect and make a difference!  Let’s make it a family and friends day too! Register Today!

About the Initiative 

Lets Walk is an initiative to resonate the principle of Health in Your Hands.  Launched in the digital realm, the initiative gained recognition and has over 5000+ followers and community members is actively involved in creating awareness about Health promotion rather than disease prevention through inculcating the importance of a healthy lifestyle, building healthy habits at an early age, healthy mind – body equilibrium, etc. Now Let’s Walk is ready to successfully host its first community initiative.

The event is jointly initiated by:-

Vrudhi Holistic Health Care Services, a company founded by Dr.Bhavi Mody, Health Evangelist, Blogger, Entrepreneur and Founder of Vrudhi Holistic Health Care Services and Edupsyche.

#AwareRaho, A social initiative by Takeoff Ventures for creating awareness, educating and empowering masses on varied subjects and topics that can contribute positively to individuals in particular and society at large, this event is towards building a holistic and healthy lifestyle.

#LAJA – India’s first Forum for Women, is introduced BY a women, FOR Women and aims at empowering women externally and internally with the focus being on ENABLING women. LAJA was formed with the sole purpose of helping women overcome inhibitions. Its an effective medium to educate and empower women to understand and build the comfort level with self and others, creating a place to explore her real “SELF”.

Woodpecker Media –  Media Partner is a consulting company catering to conceptualised events, PR , transformational digital marketing strategies and creative brand design. We help drive presence on key social media platforms to help businesses grow through in-depth understanding of market place and foster a good relationship with our clients.

Join GHP and support this social initiative!

Dates:  Sunday, June 3, 2018
Timing: 7.30 am – 10.30 am
Venue: Nature Trail, Sanjay Gandhi National Park, Borivali East, Mumbai


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