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Listen to the Beat of The Heart Chef!

Simona Terron, The Heart Chef, has been podcasting all things food, health and fun. The Heart Chef Whatsapp podcast is all about simple but soulful food talk, every week.

With quite a history with gastronomy and culinary arts, Simona’s heart, mind and soul are all about food. And now she comes with all her heartful of foodie love to you via the most unique podcasts in the Mumbai!

Who is The Heart Chef?

Simona Terron, The Heart Chef

Simona Terron is The Heart Chef. And is also a writer, voice-over artist, social entrepreneur and activist and a cat lover.

With a background in culinary arts both self-taught and trained and in the hotelier industry, Simona has interacted with many influential culinary talents. All of her learnings, combined with her love to share it all, has prepared her labour of love called the The Heart Chef or THC.

‘I love teaching people and sharing whatever culinary skills I have, in a fun and easy manner, inspiring in them the same love of food that fills me with joy’, Simona says. She enjoys preparing healthy food without sacrificing on the taste and believes that anyone can learn to do this.

Simona also loves encouraging kids to create magic in the kitchen. ‘I believe this truly teaches them the value of being self-reliant from a young age. Not to mention, it also prevents a lot of eating disorders and cravings for junk food and takeaway meals in their later years’, says this food entrepreneur. Do you see, now, the heart of The Heart Chef?

How did this Heart start beating?

Simona calls herself The Heart Chef and her show THC HeartBytes simply because a lot of heart goes into it.

‘I wanted to reach out to people like you and me, who are super busy and don’t have the time to watch endless YouTube videos. Like those who don’t have reliable internet all day and still wish to learn more about food’, Simona says frankly.

With THC, Simona wanted to connect with the “universe of talented people” who are working hard to create interesting dishes, solve dietary issues plaguing folks and celebrating their respective cultural culinary journeys.

Simona conducts workshops on baking, cooking, raw food, juicing and smoothie-making. She encourages those opting for a vegan or vegetarian diet, but doesn’t just micro-focus on “healthy” nor practice any food shaming. That’s the heart we want to hear!

Melon Ice Cream by The Heart Chef

How Can You Feel the Beat ?

It’s super easy! All you have to do is save this number 8355909603 to your phone’s contact list. Then, WhatsApp “START THC” to it.

You will now receive three episodes a week – on Sundays, Wednesdays and Fridays.

‘I do not sell your data to anyone for anything!’ Simona assures. And the podcast is 100% free and will always be.

Since WhatsApp is so personal, it doesn’t need people to be too tech savvy to enjoy The Heart Chef shows. Because it is subscription-based, you don’t get spammed either.

WhatsApp also makes it so easy to forward podcasts. Almost 50% of THC subscribers share episodes with friends and family. That increases Simona’s listener base considerably.

So many swooning for The Heart Chef

The Heart Chef
Veg Infused Waters by The Heart Chef

After its launch in April this year, with just a few organic posts on THC’s Facebook and Insta accounts, Simona got over 100 subscribers within the first 12 episodes. This number is growing steadily.

Every episode gets comments and suggestions. The first and second episode got the most reactions. People started asking for and then trying out the recipes, sending Simona photos of what they made.

‘I think because the first episode was on an uncommon subject – Cold Soups – and the second was on the ordinary, highly-underrated sweet basil seeds or sabja,’ Simona says.

Yes, GHP also got a kind mention on The Heart Chef podcast, for its support towards organic markets in Goregaon!

Simona is now constantly learning what listeners like and want. She loves surprising them with the unexpected. So get going and connect with The Heart Chef. You’d love being a pea in this pod!


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