Litti and Langour at The Little House

The Little House

The Little House Sunday Brunch tomorrow is a really tempting one: A homemade Bihari brunch!

As the weather is creating great outdoor recreational options, so is this charming events and cultural space in Versova. From nature trails, heritage walks, fun fests and carol singing – the festive spirit of December is palpable all over Mumbai.

The Little House at Versova – a quaint commune space – is giving us another interesting way to spend a wintery Sunday. How about a languorous Bihari brunch around a generous pinewood table?

The Little House Community Brunches

Welcome to the concept of community breakfasts by The Little House. This gives you a chance to meet new people, share and connect with them over some great food.

Community brunches at The Little House, Versova

Tomorrow – Sunday 17 December – The Little House is hosting a special Bihari brunch. This is being prepared and served by home chef, Ruchika Sahay.

The Homemade Bihari Brunch Menu

Ruchika’s menu for the Bihari brunch includes the trademark Litti Chokha. This is a combination of a baked whole wheat dough ball stuffed with spiced gram flour (Litti) and piping hot mashed potato curry (Chokha). Ruchika’s Chokha is prepared with homemade masalas and promises to be mouth-watering. This home chef is also making Dal Ki Puri, served with a piquant Tamatar ki Chutney. She rounds the medley of colours, spices and smells with a comforting dessert of Chawal Ka Kheer.

About the Home Chef: Ruchika Sahay

Ruchika Sahay

With a full-time corporate career, Ruchika finds pleasure in treating people to her culinary skills. Married to a Bihari for the last 18 years, her take on the Chokha is with well-sauteed garlic cloves. ‘I use handmade masalas roasted at home for this dish,’ she shares. Also, the Tamatar Chutney that comes from her kitchen is mild on the mustard oil quotient, keeping in mind the average taste palette of her guests. This mother of two is sure looking forward to the community tomorrow that will savour her delicacies. ‘The last lunch I hosted had so many extra registrations. The guests even packed food and took it home!’, Ruchika gushes. And why not? Homemade food never runs out of takers.

‘We carefully curate our home chefs, who cook and serve fresh food to guests, and also explain the stories behind each dish. They help one relish the awesomeness of the food in the most authentic way’, says Priyanka Desai of The Little House. The idea behind this brunch concept is to help guests reconnect to the idea of a community – going beyond just dining with our know set of people to imbibe new and diverse ideas from people. Food, therefore, can make you grow in many ways!

It’s not for any reason that it’s called “The Little House”, then. Warmly welcoming new concepts, new guests and newer foods, theirs is a big idea to ring out the old and ring in the new!


Bihari brunch at The Little House. Locate it
Capacity: 25 guests
Charges: ₹350 per head. Paid pre-bookings only. No walk-ins. 
Call 9930360546 for details and bookings 

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