Maa2Mom: An 8000 mums -strong network

I write about an interesting entrepreneur today – Jyoti Agarwal. She’s the brain behind the Facebook group called Maa2Mom, a connect that brings together close to 8,000 mothers across the planet!

Jyoti Agarawal, Founder: Maa2Mom









As is with most women I meet, the zeal for entrepreneurship and exploring one’s talents and abilities kept popping up in Jyoti’s life. In this journey, like all of us, she went through job breakthroughs after college, marriage and motherhood and finally found her calling in a medium that brought her success, contentment and created larger benefit too.

It was when she was in London, due to her husband’s work, that she conceptualised and planned to create a platform with a vision to connect mothers worldwide. ‘Then came my baby, Maa2Mom, connecting mothers worldwide. The idea was to make motherhood a celebration’, Jyoti shares. When she returned from London in 2016 for good, she focused on Maa2Mom more seriously.

What started as a smaller group online, now connects about 8,000 mothers worldwide, across borders, cultures and notions. ‘I see my dream as that of helping mothers in making motherhood a celebration, inspiring each other, learning and sharing. Dreaming and discovering together – many members have felt fulfilled and happy with Maa2Mom’, she proudly states.

Extending this online community’s activities on ground and offline, Jyoti and her team of more that five able ladies organises several meets, activities, workshops and events for members of Maa2Mom. Today, they have also planned events in London, Frankfurt and Muscat. These events have no commercial value attached to them.

This foodie and ghazal-lover loves to dream. ‘I believe that learning is an ongoing process, which brings a spark in you’, says Jyoti. ‘I always wanted to have my own business, so from my school days, I was trying to learn things I need to have my venture. My dreams don’t let me sleep. Money cannot make me happy. I want to touch the life of everyone I meet’. That’s her motto for you. Maa2Mom beautifully blends the best on technology, imagination, human connect and independent entrepreneurship.

Rakhee Vaswani, Palate Culinary Studio and Academy

Maa2Mom has a really interesting event coming up tomorrow – a live cooking session with celebrity chef, Rakhee Vaswani. This chef, of Mumbai-basedΒ Palate Culinary Studio & Academy, comes aboard the Maa2Mom page tomorrow for a live interaction with enthusiastic mothers who’d like to learn a tip or two. Rakhee also associates with Hershey India for this session and will be sharing a recipe using Hershey ingredients in her works of art.

Do tune in to this session on Friday, April 14 at 5 pm.

All you have to do is join the Maa2Mom group and watch the session live as soon as you get an update!

Have fun… I know I will!





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  1. Awesome write up about the Amazing Lady I have known..she truly deserves all the success and happiness and of course all the Blessings from all the Mom’s of Maa2mom Family. Iam a proud member of Maa2mom Family 😍😘 All the Best Jyoti Agarawal πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘

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