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GHP Mumbai loves discovering and telling you about new and interesting places in Goregaon. More so if these are places to eat at. Here’s an all-new and super-awesome café – TParty. It’s the only place in Goregaon east where you get kulhad chai. That too, at very reasonable prices. A meal for two here is an easy 150-200 bucks. And when I say meal, I mean meal, not just one cup of tea!

What is TParty?

This new café in Goregaon east goes with the tagline Masti Over Chai. It’s started by two friends, Pooja Salvi and Amit Singh. And it’s a great chill-with-friends kind of place too. Especially when you’re looking for something different and don’t want to go broke in 45 minutes flat.

What’s good here?

tpartyThe kulhad chai, of course. There’s everything from masala to adrak to lemon grass tea. And it’s served in cutting and full forms. A full kulhad costs you 20 bucks – amazing, right?

Maggi bhajiyas were the most innovative snacks I indulged in here. Prepared maggi is shaped into small balls and batter-fried. It comes to you with some Maggi masala sprinkled over it. Heaven, if you’re not calorie-counting J

I simply loved the Schezwan Pasta because not only was it a total Mumbai-style pasta but also because it came steaming hot in a large clay bowl. A fun eating experience indeed.

There are also some really well made vegetable momos that you might want to try. The menu is also being extended to include dosas, frankies, pav bhaji and more.

If you still prefer to keep it simple, just go for bun maska and kulhad chai. Great way to begin or end your day, or both. TParty opens at 8 am and shuts at 10 pm.

An eco-friendly café

The café gets a lot of bonus points from me for the kulhads. These are most eco-friendly as they are used and thrown and save on water for washing up. It’s not surprising, since Pooja and Amit run a brilliant company that installs solar panels for small and large-scale properties.

Kudos to the TParty team for setting up such a cute and warm option for Goregaon east’s folk. Do step in here and try out some kulhad chai and have some masti over chai


Shop No. 8, DGS Heights, Sheetal Villa, Near Goregaon Subway,
Next to Shiv Sena Office, Aarey Road, Goregaon East. 
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