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You are a certified animal lover if:
The sight of a playful stray brings a smile on your face. 
A litter of puppies makes you go Aww.
The sight of a wounded animal tugs on your heartstrings.
Your heart aches every time you have to say goodbye to a pet.

And while you try to do your bit for the strays in your area, there’s much more that can be done. In a city like Mumbai, we’re just so hungry for time and energy. #TheStruggleIsReal!

The Boo Project 2019 Calendar

Here’s a chance for us to do something more for the street dogs of Mumbai from the comfort of our homes.

The Boo Project is an initiative by Navneet Bhamrah and her husband, Mayur Milan, that aims to raise funds for Mumbai’s stray dogs. What they do is capture some breathtaking pictures of puppers from around the country and create merchandise to raise funds.  Their first initiative is a beautiful Boo Project calendar.

Passionate about photography, Navneet and Mayur are using their skills for the welfare of Mumbai’s stray dogs.

the boo project
Mayur, Navneet and Leo of The Boo Project team

What is The Boo Project?

Mayur says, “My wife and I have worked with several animal NGOs for the past 10 years. We’ve always wanted to help stray dogs and have done it in whatever way we could. But we thought of doing something on our own that could contribute to the welfare of stray dogs”.

The Boo Project associates with Welfare of Stray Dogs in Parel, among other NGOs for stray dogs. Through this initiative they want to highlight the Adopt, Don’t Shop concept.

Navneet adds, “We always wanted to start a shelter for stray dogs. We’re taking one step at a time in that direction, starting with The Boo Project. We would often go out, play with strays and take pictures of them. So we thought of using those pictures to create some merchandise that could be sold and use the proceeds towards an existing shelter home.”

Get The Boo Project Merchandise!

Together, this dog-loving duo shares that their aim is to give people more opportunities to help animals and look at them differently through The Boo Project’s photos and merchandise.

If you’re in Mumbai, you can buy The Boo Project calendar for ₹190 from pick up locations in Goregaon East and Malad west. Or, order it online and have it couriered to you.

How awesome is that – get your The Boo Project 2019 calendar and begin every month on a pawsitive note!          

Buy The Boo Project 2019 calendar here

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