GHP Weekend: Make the Law of Attraction Work for You

An eating psychologist and life coach, Kalpana Patel can show you how to achieve all that you have envisioned for your future at her workshop, Create Your 2017 with Kalpana Patel, to be held in Bandra tomorrow

We’re well into a brand new year. How new is it for all of us? There are a good proportion of people who see things as the same old stuff that they were less than 30 days ago. The comparison leads us to believe that they’ll remain pretty much the same for the next 11 months, with a few minor changes here or there.

Yet, the desire to see dramatic changes, of changing aspects of our routine and achieving big differences beckons us every day. Wouldn’t it be great to explore an opportunity to concretise this desire?

Create Your 2017 with Kalpana Patel is a rather intriguing workshop that is being conducted to help participants “Set Intentions, Visualize and Manifest” their future using their own vision boards.

When I heard her on a radio show a few days ago, I grew curious and promptly called her that evening to chat and gain some insights into what her work was all about. I hadn’t heard of Eating Psychology and Law of Attraction coaches!

After conducting what she believes was a very successful Vision Board workshop in New York, Kalpana comes to Mumbai to address and help similar aspirants in this fast-paced city. ‘At the beginning of a year, we all set goals for ourselves,’ she says. ‘Statistics prove that 90% of people have body weight goals at the beginning of the year.’ Other than this, there are a plethora of relationship, career and financial goals. What Kalpana addresses is the “What do I really want?” and “How do I steadily get there?” questions.

This is where the Law of Attraction coaching comes in. Kalpana explains the whole working very simply – thoughts become things. When you are constantly thinking of something you want to achieve, a metaphysical law swings into action that creates the necessary changes for you. But this isn’t about just leaving it to something outside of you. You need to tap into your own resources, your own power of optimism, self-love and self-believe. In connecting with yourself at a core level, you work as a holistic force that can achieve the best of your goals.

Taking me through her workshop plan, Kalpana told me how it will begin with engaging participants to write affirmations that they’re trying to manifest. She and her team then go on to help create pictorial manifestations on a vision board. Simply put, this is a physical board with actual images representing the goals you want to reach in your life, that you believe will make you happy. “This makes your goals much stronger,” she explains. Then, participants are taken through steps they can take on a daily basis to make these visuals manifest in their lives.

Given our rocket-speed lives that leave us wondering where the time has sped off and what have we really achieved in a day, Kalpana’s coaching could help many of us make minor changes to create major effects. “Prioritising even five minutes, changing the alarm clock setting from 7 am to 6.50 am – these are small steps that we have seen make huge differences in our participants lives,” Kalpana says.

What appealed the most to me was the fact that you start understanding that the efforts you are making are not to punish yourself into a regimen but are rewarding yourself for putting away the negative baggage and opening the optimistic ones. The clarity you manifest will then shed so much light on the myriad areas of our intricate and unique lives. And most of all, it’s a fun, enjoyable process that makes you look forward to every new day!


Date: Saturday, January 21st

Time: 11 am – 3 pm (2-3 pm networking lunch included)

Venue: Corniche- At the waterfront, Carter Road, Bandra West

Contact: 9167130459 or email:

Fees: ₹5000 per person
(Includes vision board material, lunch and a 30-minute one-on-one coaching session)


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