The Man Who Shot Bombay: Attend Chirodeep Chaudhuri’s talk in Goregaon

Chirodeep Chaudhuri

He calls Mumbai his Muse. And boy, does his Muse love him back. Catch photographer Chirodeep Chaudhuri – one of the city’s most impressive photographers – at Goregaon east tomorrow, January 12, 2018.

Thanks to a wonderful cultural initiative called Projector Friday, Chirodeep will be chatting with the attendees on his experiences, his work, his vision and all that’s in between. Entry is free and everyone is invited.

Chirodeep Chaudhuri: The Man Who Shot Bombay

Chirodeep Chaudhuri
Chirodeep Chaudhuri

The event description says, If you want to get to know Bombay, then this is your man. He watches and unravels streets and a million lives that play out in them… Chirodeep’s street photography covers things that you’ve noticed and wondered about… With his work, he reaches out, dusts that corner and makes you examine everything around you all over again.

So while we increasingly seem to be in a hurry to document ourselves and our surroundings in hasty selfies and hashtags, let”s engage with this man who does it with enviable patience, calm and tribute. His tributes to Mumbai are seen in three prominent series – The Commuters, Café Sitters and Bombay Clocks.

The Commuters is an older series, of course’, says Chirodeep, in a brief telephonic chat. It’s the exploration of a contemporary urban culture through its rapidly changed café culture in Café Sitters that he’s truly eager to talk of and share with the audience. That and the open and free-wheeling format of the upcoming session that helps him connect with his audience.

Across the series of work Chirodeep will be talking about runs his passion for a city whose every change, crease and cadence he has been an evocative documenter of.

What is Projector Friday?

chirodeep chaudhuriProjector Friday is an initiative by Flying Cursor Interactive, a digital agency in Goregaon east.

It  began as a platform to bring together the most interesting people, doing the most interesting things, in the space of creativity, science, technology, business – anything. It first projected on April 23, 2010with Motorcycle Diaires.

Projector Fridays are held almost every week, at venues far from the usual. ‘The venue should capture the essence of the artists work’, state the organisers. The fourth projection was a little tour around Mumbai, the sixth one was outside Mumbai and the street art one allowed people to see the artist doing some artwork on Tulsi Pipe Road.

‘We would like to take Projector Friday to public spaces and develop it further’, organisers say.

Confessing admiration for Chirodeep’s work, Projector Friday team believs that ‘he is a very important voice if you want to understand the nuances of what makes up Bombay and Mumbai’.

Need we say more? This is a must for the weekend!


Venue: Cello Triumph, IB Patel Road, Goregaon east
Date: Friday, Januray 12, 2018
Timing: 7.30 – 9.30 pm
Event FB page

Entry is free and everyone is invited






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