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A few basic expectations from our local everyday eateries? Ghar jaisa taste, variety, freshness and affordability – top of the mind needs when you want to eat out or order in.

The urge to do so is stronger as Summer rises. The kitchen is a sauna and our domestic help is retreating to their annual leaves. Meet Café Dlite – the balm you need right now.

Over the last 5 years, Café Dlite has been serving home-style and hearty meals to many. The menu boasts of wholesome breakfast items and hearty lunch and dinner options. Of course, how can one forget the in-between meal hungers that call out?

Café Dlite has answers to all these calls too. The Café Dlite USP is the range of proven tasty food that has satisfied many a patron in the area. Moreover, the affordability for its patrons is a huge plus. Patrons include corporate-goers as well an homes in the Goregaon east area.

This is also a cute and cosy place to catch up with friends over some fresh juices and sandwiches and spend hours chatting!

What is Café Dlite?

Tucked away in the by-lanes of IB Patel Road, Goregaon E, Café Dlite is an eatery that specialises in tummy-friendly and pocket-friendly all-day dining and takeaway food.

Where Fun Meets Food goes the Café Dlite tagline. True at all levels, this one. Café Dlite brings fun into your life when you’re struggling with daily meals, day after day.

cafe dlite goregaon
Cafe Dlite’s Thali meal

The most popular offering is the Thali (₹100 onwards) – a true blessing. Fresh and hygienic food neatly packed and delivered to you at lunchtime. We all know how a simple daily dal-chawal-sabzi-roti can soothe our many woes. Especially when it has the key elements – low on spice, low on oil, high on care and comfort. Care is taken to include all kinds of vegetables and dals so you’re getting your fill of variety and nutrition too.

Beyond the daily khana, Café Dlite gives you an array of choices all day. From Poha (₹40) to Pizzas, from soups to sandwiches, the kitchen doles out dishes for many a huge demand of local gourmands. Café Dlite gives you the fun of unique dishes like Pizza Paratha (₹140) , Manchurian Maggi (₹110 onwards) and the like.

cafe dlite goregaon
Pizza Paratha at Cafe Dlite

Cafe Dlite also runs monthly offers. This month, get Thali and Vegetable Grilled Sandwich for just ₹99. Now that’s a delight!

Now Meet Fitness Dlite

Café Dlite’s latest offering is an all-new menu for the health-conscious – Fitness DLite. It allows anyone and everyone to remain on a health path in a simple way.

cafe dlite goregaon
A healthy Corn Sprouts Stir Fry

Here, find your protein intake with a variety of egg preparations (no yolks, and with brown bread) or fibre intake with a light Vegetable Stir Fry or Oats Porridge. Or a just trace a simple health pattern with light-and-easy Upma, Oats Chilla, Vitamin Khichdi or a Sprout Salad.

It’s all that you crave for a healthy lifestyle. Just that you haven’t the time or energy on a daily basis.

Well, here’s someone doing it for you, as you like it, and well within budget limitations!

Who is Café Dlite?

Dimple Lathi, an enthusiastic entrepreneur, started Café Dlite. When all that the industrial area of IB Patel Road had was street hawkers, she decided to give the growing corporate world here a far better deal.

cafe dlite goregaon
Dimple Lathi, Founder:
Café Dlite

With Café Dlite, she has found a clientele that loves her menu for its taste, freshness and for affordability. Establishing a personal rapport with her patrons over the years, she has her finger on their pulse with growing requirements and preferences. “The main factor for a good kitchen is the procurement of ingredients”, Dimple highlights. She ensures a daily procurement of fresh fruits and vegetables each morning, a hygienic kitchen and well-trained staff that keep the quality of food going high. Dimple has won many hearts, one Café Dlite dish at a time. And now she’s winning them over more with the Fitness Dlite offering.

So, here’s taste, variety, freshness and affordability all in one place. What could be more tempting? Order away and be part of the Dlite family: Where Fun Meets Food!

Timings: 8 am – 11 pm
Call: 022 26865087 / 9323877002
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Address: 5, Tirupati Udyog, I.B Patel Road, Opposite HP Petrol Pump, Off Western Express Highway, Goregaon East. Map It

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