Meet book addicts in your bay!

Imagine my excitement when I was introduced to Bookcaine Bookaddicts and learned about their upcoming meeting right in the heart of our neighbourhood!

A fast-growing book-lovers community, Bookcaine was initiated about four months ago. Three friends, Preeti Ayyathurai, Amrita Panja and Ridhima Samtani, who are avid readers and bibliophiles, kept their passion alive by texting each other interesting excerpts from books, sharing news and knowledge about all things fictitious and beyond. ‘Bookcaine was born as an idea to connect to more people for whom books are a true passion,’ shares Preeti. Not too many people, she pointed out, are able to keep up with this passion due to hectic lifestyles that leave little or no time for reading books.

Bookcaine, via its Facebook page posts and updates, encourages people to keep the skein of reading running through the linen daily life. Don’t we all know that coming across a quote that touches your heart and mind can instantly brighten your day and keep you going? And then make you seek out more such.

Creating a forum for interactions between bibliophiles, Bookcaine has begun organising meets. Coming up this Sunday, March 19, is The Bookcaine Meet that invites author Tanuj Solanki, to read and share from his latest work, Neon Noon. ‘The author will be talking about his book and his adventurous journey in the writing world!’ details the event description online. The organisers decided to invite Tanuj for their second meeting after having heard of him through common friends and then reading his work. Founder and editor of The Bombay Literary Magazine, Tanuj’s latest piece has been reviewed rather well.

Neon Noon by Tanuj Solanki

It was interesting to know how this meet was planned, after the first meeting being a general free-flowing meeting that had guests share about their likes, criticism and personal views on books they have read or are reading. ‘Our own biases came to the fore, when we realised that when it comes to Indian authors, we only gravitate to those few four-five big names. The newer authors are hardly recognised, read or appreciated,’ Preeti said. The meeting with Tanuj Solanki therefore could be a breakthrough in the usual practices and prejudices, giving more names a chance to see reach readers.

Bookcaine meetings don’t demand that attendees complete a deemed book, know everything about the literary world or expound Existentialist criticism. They simply want one bibliophile to meet more like-minded ones and keep the interest alive. It also looks to encourage anyone harbouring a sliver of interest in reading but don’t really know how and where to start. Bookcaine lends a ear and then even some names and titles.

Quoting Bookcaine again, this is one “addiction that needs no rehab” but for which “we can’t guarantee no withdrawal symptoms”. Go on, get hooked!


The Bookcaine Meet,
Date: March 19 (Sunday),
Timing: 3.30 – 4.30 pm
Venue: Vasant Valley Club House, ground floor, Vasant Valley Complex,
Dindoshi, Film City Road (next to Gold’s Gym)
Contact: 7021436572

Entry is free


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