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Samovila Foundation

We just told you about a super-cute doggie calendar by The Boo Project. Now doubling the j’adore quotient is this the #CatCrazyChica Calendar 2019 by @CatCrazyChica. It’s extremely heartening to see busy professionals, stressed-out Mumbaikars and talented people spare their time for noble deeds. This #CatCrazyChica Calendar 2019 is a true labour of love.

Twelve feline photos promise to brighten up your year ahead. And they sure will brighten up more lives as the calendar gets popular. All proceeds for the sales go to Samovila Foundation, a Home for Handicapped and Senior Animals.

The calendar is available in a printed version as well as an e-calendar for a beautiful desktop. The printed one is for ₹500 and the e-version for just ₹100. The wall calendar size is 18 inches in width and 10.5 inches in height.

About The Cat Calendar 2019

Put together by an ardent cat lover, Simona Terron – aka @CatCrazyChica. An independent media professional, she “simply put together a bunch of my photos” of all my kitties, past and present. Since each of these featured animals is a rescue, Simona thought it appropriate to use their pictures for the calendar.

No great cause lacks support. “With the help of my rakhi-brother, Yogesh Panagale, I connected with Chetan Dhopate and Vijay of Savvy Arts, who printed the calendar and patiently dealt with my inexperience”, relates Simona.

Simona Terron

Founder of Samovila Foundation, Nidhi Ganguly, also has some very nice things to say about this #CatCrazyChica Calendar 2019 . “We are so thankful to Simona for coming up with this idea. For their support towards the shelter, the donor too gets a sweet memento in return. This is not just another casual calendar. It’s filled with love and licks of waggy tails and purrs and head bonks of many meows to ensure that each day of 2019 is filled with happiness and peace!” Now that’s a lot of positive warmth coming your way!

What is Samovila Foundation?

This animal shelter is run by incredible individuals, serving abused, abandoned, disabled and senior animals who are residents here. Samovila Foundation is now looking to raise funds for a new place to relocate their animal shelter to. “As a Home for Handicapped and Senior Animals, we have always limited the number of animals with us due to space constraints. We also to try and avoid human-animal conflict as we are located very close to human settlements. This new place that we are leasing out is very huge”, says Nidhi.

More space ensures admission of more animals, ensures more space for the resident furries, better allocation of space and can help Samovila Foundation plan activities to sustain its causes. Needs of the hour include levelling of land; a container cabin for cats; proper strong enclosures; a deep freezer to keep chicken and fish that’s bought in bulk and a medical room to treat local animals brought in.

How can I help Samovila Foundation?

Buy the #CatCrazyChica Calendar 2019 of course! Just Whatsapp 9820549049 a screenshot of your PayTM payment success and your email address (for the e-calendar); or your name and postal address (for the printed calendar).

Promote the calendar via Likes and Shares on social media. Follow the Instagram account called @CatCrazyChica that Simona created. If you don’t use PayTM, you can also DM her on Instagram she’ll guide you on options to purchase the calendar.

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