Monsters and Monopoly: Your Fav. Café             


A new café in Goregaon east, Your Fav. Café (YFC) is a small place on Film City road. It’s a perfect hangout for college kids and young professionals. A meal for two hungry souls is an easy 800. Faux grass lines the seating area. Other than simple cane furniture, bean bags and upcycled aluminium trunks have been used to give the place a relaxed “my hangout space” kind of feel.

The Monsters

First up, the food is good. And monstrosity lurks in the menu. I’m talking about the Monster Sandwich and Monster Shakes. The YFC Monster Sandwich – vegetarian or otherwise – can really tell a Subway footlong to take a hike! A huge longbread is layered with exotic veggies or a chicken-lamb-soft fish trio that’s cooked in a spicy sandwich sauce. Three dips accompany this Monster – mayo, green spicy chutney and tomato ketchup. Oh you still want more? Fine, there are fries too! They should provide some monster-sized cutlery with this one.

One of the USPs of YFC is the array of board games available. With a sandwich this size, you would need to space out the bites with some Monopoly or a simple Ludo. I suggest you do till the food is home!

More monstrosities come in the form of the Monster Shakes – obviously served in glasses that could pass off as a child’s sand bucket. There’s the mandatory chocolate overload (Chocolate Heaven) , Banana caramel , Berry and a unique Paan-flavoured one. These shakes could be your entire meal. new cafe in goregaon east

Other menu features

Before we ventured into the lair of the Monster Sandwich, we did play around with a few starters – Popeye Rolls and Teriyaki Chicken. Fresh spinach, cheese and cottage cheese are rolled into eight deep-fried bites and served with a Mayo dip. Tasty but greasy, so if you’re in a pakoras mood anyway give this a shot. The chicken was very good. The meat, sauce and veggies were all well done and combined into a generously portioned appetiser.

Since the café recommended its Italian fare, we tried the Golden Delight pasta. No disappointment here either. The Ginger Ale (cooler) was well made too. All in all, we ran up a billing of 1300 for two. new cafe in goregaon east

Roll some dice

While you wait for your snacks, drinks or food at this humble new cafe in Goregaon east, have a go at the games. Even if you’re solo, pick at Brainvita. The games sure seem like a good idea to me, considering the orders do take time to show up. I think that’s because they’re made afresh. And the management doesn’t want to hurry you on with your meal either. new cafe in goregaon east

What would usually be an outdoor or alfresco seating area is currently covered to keep the rain out. This works to some extent – when you want the best of both worlds in the Mumbai monsoon. And so close to home!
cafe in goregaon east

Note: GHP reviewed this cafe anonymously and paid for the entire meal.

Address: Shop 8, Satellite Towers, Gen. A.K.Vaidya Marg, Goregaon East.




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