Say ‘I DO-nate’: NGOs in Goregaon to engage with for your wedding celebrations

NGOs in Goregaon

“No Gifts Please” on your wedding cards? Here are some Goregaon NGOs your wedding guests can contribute to instead.

A lot of families that are hosting weddings are strictly not accepting gifts of any kind from their guests. A lot more are also giving their guests the option to donate voluntarily to NGOs or charities instead.

If you’re thinking on these lines here’s a list of NGOs and charitable organisations in and around Goregaon that are worthy of the cause.

Goregaon Highway Pulse has directly interacted with most of these and can therefore suggest them to you.

We Will Help Charitable Foundation

NGOs in GoregaonWe Will Help Charitable Foundation (WWH) has been working with the tribal villages at Aarey’s forested areas. It is a trust “established to carry out services and activities for people in slums and villages and uplifting them and bringing them closer to the mainstream population”. WWH is one of the most prominent NGOs in Goregaon east.

One of the highlights of their work is the women empowerment programme that focuses on skill training for sustained economic independence. Combining the intrinsic strengths, knowledge and abilities of the tribal ladies in Aarey, WWH has channelled them towards “positive systemic change” that is a key mission.

Making and selling handcrafted items and hosting the Tribal Lunch in the heart of the forest, these women have greatly benefited by the association with WWH.

The Tribal Lunch – characterised by the organic food, indigenous ambience and warm hospitality – has attracted thousands of people in the city, making it one of the most unique experiences in Mumbai today.

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SEVA Charitable Trust

Relatively new but with great potential to create change – SEVA Charitable Trust works at various levels of environmental and social concern. It highlights its mission as “Devoted to saving tigers and Mother Earth”.

SEVA is keenly involved in ecological conservation in Sanjay Gandhi National Park (SGNP) Mumbai as well as other parts of India. SEVA is also working with the local tribals in SGNP for educational, skills empowerment, sustainable independence and mainstream inclusion. It currently provides support for over 1500 adivasis through various initiatives. It aims to help the real guardians of the forest – those who live in it.

SEVA is actively looking for donors and volunteers to strengthen its projects and areas. In partnership with Bisleri, SEVA has made SGNP a plastic-free zone, salvaging and collecting almost 8,000 bottles in a single year. These are then upcycled into beautiful string lights for festive occasions.

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The Bicycle Project

Riding change for the last 9 years, The Bicycle Project Mumbai (TBP) has transformed the lives of hundreds of village children. It was started with the simple yet sincere aim to make travel to school more feasible. TBP began amassing unused and unwanted bicycles from urban areas for school-going children in villages around Mumbai.

TBP addresses rural neglect with the approach of recycling urban waste. It started off with refurbishing bicycles that are unused and lie rusting in the city and giving them to school-going tribal children who need to traverse long distances to get to school from their remote villages.

The TBP team is happy to have the bikes picked up and repaired. After which they will pass them on to deserving village children.

One can extend one’s generosity by

1) Sponsoring the repairs of the bikes (on an average, each bike costs ₹400 to fix up)
2) Transporting (or sponsoring it) them from the donors’ homes to the repair shop and then to the village
3) Sharing a space where all the bikes donated in your area can be collected, before they are picked up in a single trip, which will save a lot of time, money and energy

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Foundation For Mumbai Animals

The Foundation For Mumbai Animals (FFMA) is a Mumbai-based social group with a vision to have a cruelty free Mumbai for animals. It has a force of 100 volunteers that works towards welfare in different areas for animal. FFMA’s main motto is Animal Compassion.

Team FFMA works in three different areas –

– Awareness about animals welfare via evolved action based community approach.
– The team is spread across Mumbai region and conducts rescue of birds and animals.
– FFMA also fights for the animals rights and makes concrete steps against animal cruelty.

It successfully rescues more than 70 lives daily. Read GHP’s story on FFMA’s work at Ram Mandir station here.

In Mumbai, PFA runs a unit which specialises in handling cruelty to animals as legal cases.

FFMA aims to spread awareness via the mode of art and events on animal compassion and major environment issues. It was initiated in May 2017.

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Angel Xpress Foundation

Angel Xpress Foundation (AXF) works to transform the lives of underprivileged children through regular access to educated adults. It was started in early 2012. It has a centre in Goregaon east, with more than 70 regular students. Read about it here.

AXF works as a platform for adults to fill the education needs of children who can grow up to make responsible choices.

Operating in parks and promenades across Mumbai, AXF does tutoring sessions in English and Math. Angel Xpress Foundation Goregaon east

Given the coexistence of slums and high rises across Mumbai and the presence of a large number of the educated with time and a social conscience; AXF empowers the common man to contribute to the betterment of society.

A contribution of ₹1,000 can help buy a snack for 100 kids. ₹8,500 can support the tutoring expenses for a child for a full year.

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