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A great all-veg meals option in Goregaon east!

Festivities are around every corner. You’re still in work mode. And need to be in vegetarian mode too? Face it, in all probability, you’re left in a dabba fix. ‘Where can I get a simple, good and reasonably priced lunch’, you wonder. ‘Is there someplace I can just rely on every day to send me something exciting and tasty for lunch?’, the colleague in your bay mentally moans.

Spukies could be your best bet. Yes, the name is confusing and difficult to pronounce. But the food simply addresses your essential needs for a square meal. With a strong and steady client-base from Raheja IT Park to Raheja Titanium, this food delivery service has become a silver lining to many a dark dabba-doubtful day. More so for those who live alone – all year round or during conventional vacation times.

Who or What is Spukies?

Archin Padia, Founder, Spukies

What started off as only a sandwich delivery brand, modelled on the popular American sandwich of the same name, Spukies is now an all-out meal provider. Its vegetarian multi-cuisine menu gives a plethora of options. This works for any and every hungry soul who looks for a good meal-fix that’s high on taste and quality and low on cost and chaos. Archin Padia, founder of this multi-cuisine delivery service, takes pride in revealing that he even has customers who order their meals from him every single day. From Mantri Park to Gokuldham and upto NESCO, Archin and his team have been satisfying clients with Spukies food.

Ask Shubham Singtia, a TCS employee and he’s is all praises for Spukies. “Right from a simple Dal Khichdi to the full meals, I find it the best in this area to order from. The way the food is prepared and packaged neatly makes life so convenient. Also, the food never leaves you feeling heavy or sick in the stomach. That’s how I know the quality and hygiene levels’, he says.

Menu Highlights

First up, the sandwich menu still stands strong, with regular and premium sandwiches combining healthy Mediterranean or Middle- Eastern options to outright cheesy ones. There is also a decent list of Paninis that do pretty well in the market.

Spukies’ Full Veg Meal Lunch Box

Since I’m trying to address a wholesome meal requirement here, I must tell you about the Meal Boxes. Spukies offers two options – Regular Meal and Rice Boxes and Premium Meal Boxes. These are the ones to consider, if you need a constant balanced meal coming your way. From satiating your simple dal-chawal cravings to indulging your Paneer-Butter-wala Friday feeling, find all the options here. There’s also the Make Your Own Meal Box that goes beyond all this to give you full freedom to choose what you want – paneer, dal, vegetable and rice of your choice. We all need that after a long and nerdy board meeting don’t we?!

“Our Pav Bhaji is easily the best in this area”, says Archin. Spukies has on board a famed Vile Parle Pav Bhaji specialist, which creates many takers for this dish. Yes, I’ve tried it and I think you should too. Testifying this is Ayush Agarwal, a regular customer. When I spoke to him, he immediately swore by this particular dish. ‘In fact, I have never been disappointed by any of the food from Spukies,’ he said.

Spukies claims to bring on some of the best vegetarian chefs who create Signature Dishes of the Week. These range across cuisines and food types. It could be a Fresh Mango Milkshake or a Tandoori Onion Kulcha or a Schezwan Chinese Pizza doing the rounds on any week. Needless to say, all of these are ordered a-plenty.

Over and above this, the menu (which I’ve already told you is extensive) includes juices and shakes, soups, Indian and Chinese delicacies. For the whole picture, check it out here.

Is Spukies cost-effective?

Yes, I’d say. With sandwiches ranging from ₹60 to 145; Pav Bhaji listed at ₹110, your snack-y dishes are well within budget. The meals begin at 139 for a simple rice box and go up to ₹199 for the Make Your Own Meal Box.

I’m not convinced yet – tell me more

Paneer Pure Delight Rice
Paneer Pure Delight Rice

I’m talking of a kitchen that, for one, fully customises your meals for you. Yes, I even witnessed an incoming order placed online that strictly instructed: ‘No spice means no spice. If there is any spice, I’ll send it back’! That was pungent, alright!

Secondly, all meals boxes are served neatly in meal-tray style packaging, complete with cutlery and napkins. Easy for you, easiest for an efficient team lunch or board meeting.

Thirdly, in addition to the prices being competitive, the delivery timings are sharp too. With an able in-house delivery team, Spukies makes sure you don’t from hungry to “hangry” waiting for your order.

My fourth point is, Archin takes feedback very seriously. He has strong tech invested in orders and feedback systems for Spukies. Any customer rating below 3 stars and he will call to find out why so.

Lastly, order online on the Spukies website and get 15% discount. Aur kya chahiye?!


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