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Oberoi Mall sale: Tomorrow, July 5, Oberoi Mall at Goregaon east offers a flat 50% discount from 8 am right until midnight. Some of the biggest brands across the board are on sale.

Trust GHP to get you all the information so you’re thoroughly prepared! But while your excitement is hitting the roof, do also keep yourselves grounded for a bit and consider some issues for the greater common good.

Avoid Traffic Jams

Carpooling would be a good idea. If you’re friends or friends of friends live close by and are heading for the sale, try using one vehicle instead of five. It requires a little bit of coordination and cooperation but trust me, it’s worth it.

Even if you have to wait an extra half hour until one friend wraps up her shopping, just wait at a coffee shop and chill. Starbucks, HAS Juice Bar and Malgudi are all part of the Oberoi Mall sale so sit with your preferred cuppa while you wait. Malgudi’s masala tea is simply refreshing so I wouldn’t mind it once I’m done shopping.

oberoi_mall_sale_GHP_imagesThere’s no charge for car parking for women-driven cars. Yeah, free parking for women drivers at the Oberoi Mall sale tomorrow. Some terms and conditions do apply, like parking slots should be vacant, etc. but if you head to the sale in time, you shouldn’t need your wallet at parking.

For tomorrow, Oberoi Mall has tied up with OLA Cabs. Arrive at Oberoi Mall in a Mini or Prime OLA Cab and get a flat  75 discount on your Mini or Prime return trip. This is for the first 300 customers.
Sounds like a sweet deal to me!

We love blaming the Mall for the jams that are caused all day on these sale days but hey, they’re just doing their job. They can’t be responsible for traffic jams all across the highway. They provide ample parking but if you choose to not be wise and carpool or use public transport, you can’t really blame anyone else.

You know you love the Mall so just add wisdom to your love now.

Be the eco-friendly mall rat

Carry plenty of your own shopping bags to the Oberoi Mall sale and avoid purchasing more from the stores. I know you know this but I also know that one can forget. So, pack them in now!

Avoid using reams and reams of paper napkins in the washrooms. Use the hot-air dryer for your hands.

Again, use the Ola Cabs offer or carpool with your buddies and reduce that carbon footprint tomorrow.

How to be that Duracell bunny at the Oberoi Mall sale

Power bank up! You have to remember to check in to Oberoi Mall via FB and show your love for the Oberoi Mall sale.

If I were spending 8-plus hours at the mall tomorrow, I’d definitely carry at least one power bank. That would see me through endless check-ins, selfies, tweets and Insta lives. Check out all the Oberoi Mall social media handles at the end of this post and make sure you do your thing!

No mall-brawls

Promise yourself not to fight, squabble or lose your cool at fellow shoppers or at the mall staff. This is crucial.

I’ve seen people in a tug-of-saree-war at a store and it wasn’t pretty at all! The saree was but not the war! You have a wedding to shop for? So do hundreds of other. You have a long gifting list from Rakhi to Diwali to Christmas? Guess what – so does any other shopper.

So don’t forget to breathe. Take a deep breathe, meditate for at least ten minutes before you leave home.

Get civil before you get carried away.

Get happy feet

Veronica Lodge and Carrie Bradshaw may have strutted around malls in their stilettos but I’d rather have my soles parallel to the ground. It’s all about glass walkways, escalators and endless store visits so you’d want to wear a comfy flat pair of shoes that won’t make you cringe at every step.

Need one such pair? Clarks should be the first store you visit.

GHP’s got a ready reckoner of brands on sale tomorrow, from ground to first floor. Check it out –



Have a great day at the Oberoi Mall sale tomorrow, everyone!

Oberoi Mall’s social media handles:

Instagram: @ oberoimallmumbai
Twitter: @ Oberoi Mall
Facebook: @ Oberoi Mall
Snapchat ID: oberoimall


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