An Ode to Students: A self-study library in Yashodham

How often have you heard of someone who has spareroom in their homes who converts it all into a library for students? With real estate being weighed with our souls, most people focus on hogging every inch for themselves. Not in the case of Pallavi Karmakar and her family residential space.

The charming entrance to the library building

Tucked away in the winding lanes if Yashodham is an idyllic structure that spells old-world charm. And an abutting area is now a quaint self-study library: KC Knowledge Centre. It is  available for students who need peace and quiet to concentrate on their academics. ‘There are a lot of families here who have space constraints or a constant flow of guests which disturbs the children’s ability to study well’, says Pallavi Karmarkar, founder of the Centre. ‘I decided to create this library for students looking for a quiet spot,  when I realised we had this vacant space by the house.’  An electronics engineer qualified with a business administration post-graduate degree, Pallavi is also a certified career counsellor. What triumphs over all certifications is the intention of greater common good, which is evident here.

The KC Knowledge Centre is already a haven for 50-odd students across various academic stages. Just after Shashi Mangalyam school in Yashodham, a little red gate marks a long staircase lined with potted plants. Once you ascend it, you feel like you’re in a different era. Breezy, green and silent environs lend themselves to a perfect library. You don’t really need a stern librarian to tell you to keep it down, it comes naturally to anyone who steps in.

Open for 16 hours a day, from 7. 30 in the morning to 10. 30 at night, KC Knowledge Centre allows flexible membership plans for as little as a couple of hours a day to a full day. It is fully air-conditioned, provides lockers and has a simple cafeteria too. Laptops are also available for use, with Wi-Fi access within the library. What more does a student need?

A study space

Pallavi Karmakar has partnered with Harshal Churidar, a CA who is a co-ordinator of Yashodham High School. With their similar ideology,  the duo runs this study centre specially designed for students with a conductive atmosphere that helps them to accomplish their targets with focus.

Apart from the library, Kareer Quest and Kalpavruksha classes offer career counselling and commerce classes.

While it’s heartening to discover and write about such a hidden gem in the neighbourhood, it sure creates nostalgia and makes one want to go back to the golden student days!


KC Knowledge Centre (Self-Study Library),
Karmarkar Bungalow,
Aba Karmarkar Marg,
Yashodham, Goregaon east
Call: 9619309097



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