Of Silence & Solace | World Meditation Day 2019


On this significant World Meditation Day 2019, GHP Mumbai invites Urmila KT to share her expertise as a guest blogger.

Goregaon resident and Founder of Natural Essentials, Urmila is a professional Holistic healer, a certified Aromatherapist, Bach Flower Practitioner, NLP Coach and a Post Graduate in Regression Therapies.

What is Meditation?

Meditation is an art of transforming the mind. It is a focused technique of silencing the mind and taking complete control over it.

What is ‘silencing the mind’? And what is the need for us to do it? Well, silencing the mind simply means to train the mind to be calm and relaxed.

Imagine a blackboard scribbled with all sort of writing. Supposing one needs to write something on this board, s/he will have to erase all the cluttered writings and make it clear and clean. With the same analogy, if one wishes to fill the mind with new thoughts, one has to the clear the mind and keep it clean.

For how long do we need to meditate?

The duration of meditation depends upon the individual. It could vary from few seconds or minutes to even an hour. By practising on a regular basis, one can attain perfection and the benefits of a blissful life.


Benefits of practising meditation on a regular basis

  1. Improves Concentration –  By keeping the mind calm and relaxed, one can improve  concentration. This ensures better clarity, focus and understanding of thoughts.
  2. Better understanding of the self and increasing self-awareness –  With better clarity and understanding of thoughts, one comes to know more about one’s true self which guides the person to differentiate between right and wrong and tread on the right path.
  3. Improves overall health – ‘A healthy body needs a healthy mind’. Keeping the unwanted clutter away and moving in the right direction, helps to reduce and control stress, tension and anxiety. This gives the person much-needed calm, peace and happiness.

Now that we know meditation does wonders to us, how do we do it?

There is no ‘fit for all’ common meditation technique. Meditation techniques are purpose-oriented – which means different methods need to be followed for different purposes. Some of the common and well known purposes are –

  1. To simply keep the mind silent without thinking anything;
  2. To focus and improve one’s breathing pattern;
  3. To relax the entire body and be calm and peaceful;
  4. To inculcate positive thinking and reduce stress and anxiety.

The basic prerequisite for practising meditation is to sit straight with eyes closed in a calm and peaceful place in a comfortable position.


Some of the methods of practising meditation

  1. Visualisation – Imagining an object in front of your eyes and keep concentrating on it;
  2. Focused Breathing-  Taking long, deep breaths in a uniform pattern;
  3. Chanting – Reciting a word, sentence or verse repeatedly in a uniform manner.

Let’s invite the silence and solace that meditation brings into our lives.

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