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peekaboos nightwear for kids

Being a child these days sure is a lot of fun. Not to say that it wasn’t so any other time. Just that the plethora of choices for kids has made life such fun. In Goregaon itself, GHP keeps unearthing such amazing options of kids brands: The Doll House Co, The Rainbow Tree, BotLabs, Creative Minds – there’s something new we find every other day! Our latest find is Peekaboos – a brand for luxury night suits for kids.

Peekaboo has in its treasure trove swaddles, wraps and sleepwear for infants and toddlers.

What is Peekaboo?

Peekaboo is a Goregaon-based brand of “enchanting nightwear” for toddlers and infants. The Peekaboo range is available online. We’ve peeked in and been suitably enchanted ourselves!

We ooh-ed at the delightful prints, aah-ed at the cosy night suits for kids and sighed at how these are just perfect for our little ones.

peekaboos nightwear for kids

The best part is that Peekaboo is not just about how it all looks but really about how it all feels. The brand believes in providing high quality, luxurious night suits for kids which have timeless style with a contemporary twist. 

The pure cotton fabrics used for Peekaboo night suits for kids is soft, high-quality blend that ensures great comfort. The range is designed to suit little bodies that need utmost care and indulgence. And, of course, the patterns and palettes are where all the visible magic is.

Who is Peekaboo?

Poonam Naik, a Goregaon-based young mother, started Peekaboo. After a stint abroad that included working with the famed JCPenney retail chain, Poonam returned with much valued knowledge and experience.

Mothering a young one made her realise the need for the real soft, real comfortable and real fun range of night suits for kids that really wasn’t available in India. So, she started Peekaboo just a few months ago. The online brand has already had many takers and has met with much success.

“We value the environment; our garments are made in ecologically responsible manner”, Poonam says. This is is also reflected in the way Peekaboo packages their products and delivers them to you. 

Peekaboo garments are all made with the best soft natural fabric and traditional sewing techniques. In this way, Poonam and team Peekaboo ensures the highest international standards in their products.

Peekaboo’s products range starts from ₹599.

Why Peekaboo night suits for kids?

Parental reviews are all you have to look at to click BUY.

Amazing collection. Superb prints. And extremely good quality materials. All in all – Purrfecto!!! – this is first-hand testimony from a happy Peekaboo parent.

So why not snuggle into bed with your bundle of joy, bundled in some great cuddly festive prints? It’ll be the perfect way to end the day.

Personalised night suits by Peekaboo

You’d be happy to know that Peekaboo also personalises their products for you. You can have your child’s name monogrammed and personalised and add to the bedtime thrills. Or how about your toddler’s first doodle on his pyjamas? The choices are endless, didn’t we just talk about that? Peekaboo is adding to the list and GHP couldn’t be happier with this endearing new discovery!

peekaboos nightwear for kids

Enter the Peekaboo contest on GHP and you could win a cuddly-soft Peekaboos sleepwear set for your child! Click here

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