OK Jaanu: Highway Reel Film Review

 OK Jaanu is enjoyable, okay as a one-time watch

Starring – Aditya Roy Kapur, Shradha Kapoor, Naseeruddin Shah, Leela Samson

Director – Shaad Ali

Rating – 3/5


Ok Jaanu, is the official remake of Mani Ratnam’s hit Tamil romantic film Ok Kanmani. The movie follows the lives of two career-driven youngsters, Adi (Aditya Roy Kapur) and Tara (Shraddha Kapoor). Adi is a video game designer who wants to live the American dream while Tara is an architect, planning her further studies in Paris. A chance encounter at a common friend’s wedding gets the dice rolling.

Ironically, the first time they meet is at a wedding and decide that marriage isn’t for them. They then decide to live-in together for whatever little time they have with each other. On the other hand, the film follows a parallel love story of an elderly married couple played by Naseeruddin Shah and Leela Samson. Drawing experiences and life lessons from them, Adi and Tara soon begin to understand the dynamics of a true relationship.

For those who’ve seen the Tamil version, this frame-for-frame remake might be slightly boring to watch. And even though the first half is almost symbolic of the casual, breezy and detached “modern relationships” that the film talks about, director Shaad Ali isn’t quite able to justify the jerky transitions.

Coming to the performances, Aditya Roy Kapur as the typical lover boy is effortlessly charming. I may sound biased here but his drop-dead gorgeous looks can easily overshadow any acting faux pas. Shraddha Kapoor seems to have been typecast as the girl-next-door in most of her films. Her childish mannerisms to get under the skin initially but eventually grow on you. I must admit that the duo has some insane chemistry on screen. But neither of them match up to the powerhouse that is Naseeruddin Shah. The veteran manages to impress in every single scene. Leela Samson is very genuine in her role and compliments her on-screen partner well.

 AR Rahman’s music gives a whole new dimension to this film and I honestly think it’s the background score that makes this film watchable. His music is the biggest takeaway from Ok Jaanu.

Even though the picturesque locations, chirpy dialogues and kickass chemistry are on point, OK Jaanu leaves us asking for more, when compared to the original Mani Ratnam film.

Supriya says: Director Shaad Ali’s take on a contemporary love story isn’t something you haven’t seen before. OK Jaanu is strictly just okay but can be termed as a one-time watch.

— Supriya Nair


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