Open Season: Head to Tipsy Terrace at Radisson Mumbai Goregaon!

Radisson Mumbai Goregaon Tipsy Terrace

How many of you like rooftop restaurants? The kind that lets you enjoy a wee bit of sky-and-Sangria? I for one love terrace dining. But how many such open-air restaurants can you find in Goregaon? Now that the weather is getting cooler, it’s time to take stock. And it’s also time for Tipsy Terrace at Radisson Mumbai Goregaon to re-open its doors.

After the Mumbai monsoon, Tipsy Terrace – the open-air restaurant at Radisson Mumbai Goregaon opened its doors last Friday, November 2nd. In fact, it was a double celebration in store for us invitees. Not only was Tipsy Terrace reopening but also hosting one of the few Christmas Cake Mixing Ceremonies in Goregaon.

It was a real evening to remember and to share details of with all of you. Read on to know why you must head to Tipsy Terrace at Radisson Mumbai Goregaon soon and enjoy a great open-air dinner.

Enjoy this open-air restaurant in Goregaon

Now that the Goregaon east-west flyover is ready and rolling, getting to Radisson Mumbai Goregaon has surely become easier. Whether you’re travelling from east or west, getting to this 4.5-star business hotel is a pleasure. The traffic having eased out makes dining at the open-air restaurant in Goregaon quite enjoyable.

The Tipsy Terrace, under the hat of Executive Chef Kamlesh Rawat, serves some great food across cuisines. I can still recall the tender Caribbean Tandoori Chicken we were served. The chicken was tender and delicately spiced. Just the right way to tickle the palate and ignite the open-air dining mood. The Crispy Chicken Bao was also very well done. Most often, stuffed baos are sized to make you feel like a clumsy eater. Thankfully, these were rightly sized and saved me some embarrassment! There were also some delectable Fish Tikkas doing the rounds. It had been some time since I had some truly fresh and juicy Indian fish preparations in a star-rated hotel. I had my doubts when I tasted the first piece. Gladly enough, this time I found myself gratified with a well-done fish that appealed in flavour and freshness.

Radisson Mumbai Goregaon Tipsy Terrace
Appetisers: Nachos with Cheese, Crispy Chicken Bao and assorted Hummus

What goes best with the mood that these awesome appetisers create is a choice of drinks offered to you at the Tipsy Terrace bar. Tipping you over rightly towards a celebratory mood, it creates the perfect ambience for a date night in Goregaon. You can head for a wide spread of main course after that – there’s Indian, Asian and a bit of Continental dishes here. I personally loved the Indian fare. An amazing Mutton Rogan Josh and a great Lasooni Palak sealed the deal with perfect butter naan.

And a cherry on the top is the live singing at the open-air restaurant. A 21-year-old marvel, Jeniffer Mike, was full of spunk and soul. She rendered Sufi and English popular numbers with her own twists of tunes. Watch out for her as she makes it an evening to musically remember, for sure.

The Christmas Cake Mixing at Tipsy Terrace

Radisson Mumbai Goregaon Tipsy Terrace
Me – The Christmas Cake Mixer!

All the essential ingredients for a rich Christmas cake waited for us at Tipsy Terrace. Fruits, nuts, candied delights, spices  – all laid out waiting to go into the annual Christmas cake at Radisson Mumbai Goregaon.

As General Manager of the hotel, Ajoy Balkrishna, led us on, we go to mixing all of this with a plethora of spirits and alcohol that make the traditional Christmas cake all that it’s worth!

Hatted, gloved and aproned, each guest was delighted to participate in the Christmas Cake mixing. No matter if you’ve done it before (like I have) or trying it for the first time, it’s special and memorable. Just like every Christmas is.

Oh don’t worry if you haven’t done this. There’s a whole load of cake coming up for you to enjoy next month! I’ve made sure it’s all mixed well for you! And until the cake arrives, book your table for a great open-air restaurant experience right here in Goregaon. Why bother going far when so much closer home…?


Anushree Chatterjee



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