Organic Stores in Goregaon You Must Know

organic stores in goregaon

Looking for organic stores in Goregaon? Look no further!

“Organic” has been the buzz word for quite a while now, gaining more popularity. There is greater awareness thanks to the increase of diseases linked to chemicals in food and toiletries.

From fertilisers to weedicides or pesticides, the rampant use of harmful chemicals in the products we use on a daily basis – food staples, spices, wellness products – is alarming. Diseases such as diabetes, polycystic ovarian disease, hormonal imbalance and even cancer are linked to these chemicals.

While the solution to this problem lies in opting for organically grown products, a common myth is that there are hardly any options for buying organic. So, here is some help. Let’s look at what organic means and, most importantly, the organic stores in Goregaon where you can get a whole range of great products.

What does Organic really mean?

In simple terms, food that is produced without the use of chemical additives, fertilisers, pesticides, synthetic hormones or genetic modification is labelled “organic”.

Where can I get organic consumables in Goregaon?

While you may chance upon an organic brand in most supermarkets or a high-end store, here’s a list of organic stores in Goregaon. You will find here a large range of products that may not so heavy on the pocket 🙂

  1. Nature’s BlissOrganic hair colour and Black Rice 

    Formally known as Anukaran, this store stocks organic products from different brands. You can find everything from black, red and basmati rice to pulses, pasta, spices, bottled soups, ready made sauces to organic supplements and superfoods.

    Moreover, there’s a range of organic skin care and body-and-bath products, as well as a variety of organic hair colour and organic lingerie here.

Address – Nature’s Bliss, Shop No. 8, Upper Level, Gagan Arcade, Gokuldham, Goregaon (E)

  1. Tapobhumi StoresBeauty products not tested on animals

    This organic store in Goregaon West keeps a wide variety of products under the Tapobhumi brand. These are 100% chemical-free and hygienically manufactured.

    Tapobhumi has a range of shampoos, body wash, creams, lotions that are not tested on animals. Organic spices, dry fruits, jaggery, ghee, dates, etc., can also be purchased here.

Address – Tapobhumi Stores, Shop No. 2, Arihant Apartment, Road No. 11, Jawahar Nagar, Goregaon (W)

  1. FabIndiaAffordable and well-located store

    If you thought FabIndia only sold stylish apparel and furniture, you haven’t checked out their organic range of products. One of the most prominent organic stores in Goregaon, FabIndia has a wide range of self-branded products. This includes delicious conserves, pickles, oils, pasta, jelly, trail mix, dry fruits and health supplements. Pricing is pretty much in line with other regular products available in the market.

Address – FabIndia, S25, Second Floor, 11, Oberoi Mall, Goregaon (E)

  1. Truefarm Quick Organic Online Shopping

    This 100% organic store headquartered in Goregaon has a wide variety of organic superfoods, flour, pulses, spices, sweeteners, nuts and rice. The best part is that you can order with a few clicks and taps  and have organic food delivered to your doorstep.

    Truefarm also has a recipes section on the website to help you serve health in a delicious avatar.

Website: Truefarm:

With these options around, I hope you now believe that organic products are neither unaffordable or unavailable in Goregaon. Let’s eat healthy and spread the word for a healthy neighbourhood and fit community.

Katyayani Kapoor



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